How Country Boys and I celebrate Cinco de Mayo = Burrfajco!

We are particular here at the Hanson Mansion. The hubs spent years in the southwest, our favorite fast food is Chipotle and I never met any Tex or Mex I didn’t adore–mix that with picky little boys so I have searched the globe and found the perfect pallet pleasing dinner!  burrito-fajitas-taco=  burrfajco’s?!?

We do things just a bit different around here then we did when I was growing up. Taco Night when I was little was hamburger with orange seasoning mix, flour shells, iceberg, tomato, white onion and “Taco Cheese” (what exactly is taco cheese anyhow)? In our Casa I need iron, so steak is usually our meat of choice. Now before you start thinking we are all high-falutin’ and such, hear me out. I choose either, reduced thin cut rib-eye steak and cube it, tenderized round steak cut into small pieces, stew meat if I am letting the slow cooker do the work for me, even venison chops. You don’t like red meat? Use turkey, chicken, or shrimp!


We are simple spicers here, garlic powder, salt, cumin, black pepper and a pinch of cayenne. Pat the meat dry before you drop in on the hot pan to get a nice brown crust~

SAM_1742We might be a little off the beaten path here too–We choose Queso Blanco (white cheese) and Sharp Wisconsin Cheddar. (I think the folk around here eat it on their cereal)! Also, add romaine, cilantro, Spanish rice, grilled peppers, onions and black beans (all except the middle son who only likes jelly beans and cocoa beans). I like a dab of sour cream and salsa too, but I am the lone gringos on that one. Fresh Pineapple or Melon are the after taco reward. You may not want to try all of these, but try one new thing–Don’t let taco night become a boring siesta!


That is mucho yummy dinner right there my friend and anything that makes Momma and the Caballeros happy for supper is a winning supper for me!

I must admit, there is not a lot of party and tequilla and sombreros here in Hollandale this May 5th, more like bath and jammies and homework. This is wholesome, delicious and fun! Make your own” burrfajco” party and enjoy (yeah, I think I will copyright that)!

Sincerely,  Senorita Sara!

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