Pyrex Spotters

I am afraid I may be forming an addiction!

Goodwill Hoarding

Corynn and I have become Pyrex spotters! It doesn’t matter where or when; if there’s Pyrex we’re on it taking pictures and totally geeking out!
A while ago, I attended a birthday party in an old Madison Park craftsman home; I didn’t know anyone there except the birthday boy. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was the buffet covered in bright colors that could only be Pyrex. It took all my energy to not point and squeal. A small Spring Blossom green mixing bowl contained the guacamole and chips were supplied in a bright orange Daisy Cinderella bowl. In the dining room, old built-in glass front cupboards held the others. I could see them peeking out; she had the whole set of the Daisy Cinderella bowls and the Spring Blossom too.
After a few hours I found myself chatting with the hostess and I told her I…

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