Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…

When you read you begin with abc.

When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi, and when you remodel a former convent you start with a little divine inspiration in your baby girls room!

I think about things end to beginning. I underestimate all the work and detail and see big picture and get excited.

I was always allowed to decorate, paint and pick out my bedroom design as a little girl growing up and to be honest that was the most exciting thing in my pregnancies… Planning the nursery. As my three girls have gotten older and we have changed their rooms around and moved into 3 different houses –  we have tweaked and redecorated their bedrooms each time.

We have had everything from stripes to polka dots, murals of all sorts. Disney princesses, Dora, Dick and Jane, and Jojo circus. We have painted colors red and purple, pink and green, yellow, raspberry, lavender, etc. But now as I transition Lyla from her nursery to her big girl room I was lacking in the idea dept.

They say necessity is the mother of invention but I was still stalling. I studied pinterest and found a million beautiful girls rooms but nothing said, “Lyla”.

One morning while I was blow drying my hair, I threw my head upside down for more volume (lie) and I spy from the bathroom doorway into her bedroom. There on her book shelf, the photo book I made of her first year – then it hits me, that’s her focal/accent wall. I love finding inspiration in your own back yard… I also love when the design means something or matches the person’s personality or aura.

So while the men folk were busy doing demo (and loving it) and painting the boring walls moonlit gray and the ceilings flat white I was masking and striping and shimmering…

Lemon, Lime & Orange Citrus Backgrounds   Free Background Seamless Repeating Fill Tile Image Collections by StarFields   1-backgroundThankfully my husband knows I hate the boring prep and detail stuff and did all the taping for me.  I showed him the inspiration and while he was busy doing that I was buying the colors in pint size tubs.

Lyla roomI removed the tape 20 mins after putting on the 2nd coat, even then it bled a little. If I was really the perfectionist I’m accused of being I would have went back to the store for green frog painting tape (I hear that works better). Regardless I was really happy with the results.

A few days after letting the paint cure, I returned to add a shimmer, sparkle of silver “glow” to the wall.

I simply mixed the shimmer into a pint of polyurethane and rolled it on. Don’t worry if it looks milky and goes on looking like slime. It will dry clear.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s just paint and you can always change it. Here’s my inspirations…

912728_10201167998904985_252206540_nHere is what I’m working on next… Lyla’s silhouette. I plan to hang it on the fruit stripe gum wall above her bed. I “picked” the head-board out of the trash on junk day. Still thinking about this one.

Honestly, Amy

13 thoughts on “Do-Re-Mi

  1. Oh, YAY! Love how you started this post. Love how you ended it. You know I love the wall, and your fruit stripe gum nod. Can’t wait to see it all in person! xo K

  2. You have so much more going on inside that head than I do when it comes to decorating! It will be beautiful!

  3. How much fun is that wall! Your daughter will be energized every time she wakes up. My tip for clean edges is once you have put your tape where you want it, paint the edges of the tape with the original wall colour. If there is any bleeding under the tape now, it will be the same colour as the wall. Let it dry. Paint your stripes with the chosen colour. Remove tape before fully dry. Voila! clean edges! Personally, I don’t find Frog tape to be any better than the rest.

    • Thanks for the tip. I love to paint and repaint and I had never heard that before. ALso, thanks for checking in… I’m renovating an old convent and have painted 3500 square feet so far. Now the fun starts with decorating and painting on canvas. Check back if you like!

  4. You have WAY more energy and creative genes than I do… this is so awesome Amy 🙂 I had no idea you were in an old convent. How fun is that?

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  6. Ok-where is the whole walls “after”? What’s the story on the room and the angles? Did she get one of the 3 living rooms? 🙂 Cool cubby! Is the shimmer say to add to poly? Never put poly over paint before (in a wall). Sounds durable!

    • Who are you with? The Spanish Inquisition! There will be a “move that bus” big reveal when it’s all done. This is a work in progress post. I painted Lyla’s room moonlite white, the the stripes, then added “glow” to poly and rolled it on top. You know you love it. In honor of you – I’m having a bunch of colorful downloadable prints and artwork made into canvas to decorate the rooms.

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