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In 2009, when we first signed up for facebook, we just knew we’d love it. Growing up in a tiny Christian school where class reunions don’t exist  and having moved to a different state after high school, we had long wondered what ever happened to… We were able to find our first bff’s – the gals we went to kindergarten with, Amy’s first love (unrequited of course) and some girls we worked with as a teller (our first real job). These Sisters got so excited when they would accept our friend requests.  We loved that we could see their faces, catch up with their lives, get a little view into their world and then sign out. Unlike going to a high school reunion, we didn’t have to lose weight, buy new outfits or travel anywhere to do it. We also could put our stuff out there, what we liked, what we didn’t – share photos of our prides and joys and share our opinion. facebook speaks to the attention starved middle child in us all. Amy tried talking our mama into getting on facebook so she too could see all the people from her past. As you would expect she resisted and shot down her offers to help her start her own account.

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It seemed every time we spoke we would start our sentences with, “guess who I found on facebook?” Needless to say Mom is on it now at least 5 times a day, has friend’d anyone she has ever met, likes everything unless its nasty and updates her status with phrases like,” take heed”, “Come Thou Fount” and” who am I”? We even got into a friendly competition once to see who could get the most friends. Amy stopped at 666 and our Mom is well over 1000 (she’s lived longer than us). We believe she could run for mayor and win.  Our obsession and fascination with facebook has ebbed and flowed, peaked and valley’d over the last 5 years. Feeling all caught up at times,  feeling it’s not necessary to post what was just bought at the grocery store anymore and frankly some of the folks on our walls fill it up with nonsense. We are afraid this leads us to criticize some of our “friends”. Really, we don’t want to do that, it’s just that you aren’t using facebook the “right” way, the way it was intended.

facebook is for sharing pictures (in moderation) of cute kids, beautiful vacations, weddings, newborn babies, answers to prayer, funny or grateful updates, great quotes, important news about your health, the day’s menu or a recipe….etc.


Here’s how not to abuse fb…

Do not change your relationship status more than once a day….eye contact does not a relationship make.

Don’t repost a repost that was reposted by someone else!

Oh I totally changed my way of thinking because of your politically themed status update – said no one ever!!

If your profile pic is 15 years old…you are hiding – get real

You got a case of the Mondays….get a weekend job and your Monday will be Saturday, problem solved.

I don’t want to know about a political mystery, wrapped in a cover up, shoved under a conspiracy

I love Jesus and hate to see sick newborns…and if I scroll past without liking – I’m not a bad person.

You like games? good! Keep it to yourself!

Drunken posts, fish lips, gang signs and anything that ends with LMAO – not classy.

Fighting with your family, that goes in a private message.

Endless pics of cats with captions?190478_4812408870532_2122816_n

You don’t have to “like” everything. Example “I just ate a turkey sandwich” – like?

Even though facebook asked how you’re feeling, no one really wants to know.

Please don’t unfriend us!
Sincerely Sara and Honestly, Amy

12 thoughts on “The right way to use facebook

  1. You guys are so funny! My biggest pet peeve is the young girls doing the Trout Pout! I can’t stand it! I want to send them a private email message and tell them how stupid they look (but I guess that wouldn’t be very good FB etiquette! xo K

  2. Every time I see something like “share if you love your husband” or “share if you love your kids” or “share if you don’t want small cute furry animals to die horrible deaths” I feel a wee bit angry. I’m only going to share something that will make you laugh.

    • We agree, everytime we see one of those “Share If you Love, scroll if you hate” posts we look around to make sure no one is looking…and scroll past as fast as we can! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Let everyone do what they want on FB!! You guys forced me on and now you will not control me!! Just hide them if you don’t want to see them. I enjoy what I do and I can like, like, like whatever I want. Seriously, it’s like anything else… can be used for good or for evil. By the way, thanks for bringing me into the 21st century. I love you women!

  4. Haha, well said! You speak for al of us early adopters! I can’t believe I played Farmville and raised imaginary chickens and cows for a year, when I flooded my friends’ wall with news of how I’d hatched a red chicken! Oh well, its still better than some of my friends who post which song they’re listening to in real time, ALL DAY LONG. And I never told my newly-mommied friends I blocked them from my newsfeed because I got tired of seeing pictures every time their baby burped. Maybe I’m not a good person, but I like to keep my FB clean. 😉

  5. The question still remains….do I want to know what my sisters junior high BFF ate for lunch? Or should the question be, why am I “friends” with this former BFF?…ugh the drama of Facebook .

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