The Sisterslice Pickle Salad with Potato! It’s kinda a big Dill!


Ahh, summer is upon us and it is almost time for our families to grill and chill and that usually involves a few batches of Potato Salad. There are about 8 million different variations of “tater” salad and they all have good points. I have had celery, sweet pickle, green, red, sweet and white onion, sugar, vinegar, bacon, hard-boiled egg, sour cream, grainy mustard, chives, poppy seed–you name it! I think they are all fine and good. I know that some things are just better if they are the way “Mom” or “Grandma” made them.


So just like almost everything else in the Sisters lives…if a little is good, a lot more must be wayyyy better! We take our Grandma’s and Mom’s simple potato salad, double the amount of good stuff and away we go! This stuff is good with brats, burgers, chicken, pork chops…you grill it and it will be your side-dish-aplaooza. Heck if you want clear skin or your grout stains gone you might want to give it a try too!


Boil 5 pounds of potatoes. (My family likes red potatoes with the skin left on; I like Yukon gold peeled and I have even used purple potatoes). Use your family’s favorite. Drain and let your tater cool (peel if you want to) dice them and add them to a large mixing bowl. Finely chop one large onion and 1 jar of your favorite dill pickles. (yeah, you read that right)! Mix with 1 cup of mayo (NOT that whip they call a miracle) and 1/2 cup yellow mustard. Mix it all together and season with salt and pepper. We love the creamy, salty, briny, crispy, tangy trip down memory lane.


Are we the only ones that really, truly LOVE pickles? Growing up we always had a “relish tray” to nosh on at get-togethers. Pickles and olives…now I live in Wisconsin and you would think I set out something that rhymes with “bird” every time I set out some here. It is cheese plates here my friend, they would eat a Limburger sandwich before a nice Kosher dill. Grandma Betty made the best canned dill pickles with a big sprig of Chartreuse dill and 2 garlic cloves floating in the bottom of a Ball Jar! The Amish around here make some pretty good ones, but they peel them and they seem a bit limp. We always had a jar of “cost cutters” in the fridge; we would pack an oddly green-colored dill in our school lunch every day.

bettys  pickles

So yes, I admit it, I have spent our time together talking about pickles…better than toenails or toilet training–I guess. I hope you enjoy your summer, enjoy your memories and enjoy your potato salad–however your Mom made it!

Sincerely, Sara

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