Queen for a Day!

My mama came here for Mother’s Day.  Actually, she came to visit and it just so happened to be Mother’s Day weekend. She came to visit her only granddaughters and to help us pack a little. We are moving to the convent July 1,’ member?
Anyway, I had bought a crown roast at Aldi for Easter (never bought or tried or eaten one before). The only time I had even seen a crown roast was on TV in cartoons. You know what a crown roast is– right? A bunch of pork or beef ribs tied together with twine–made to resemble a “crown” hence the name crown roast. It also has the tell-tale, cute little chef’s hat on the tip of each bone (any thing miniature is cute) and I guess that’s what makes it fancy. Since Sara had fallen and bruised her brain, we had opted for an easier Easter meal and I wasn’t sure when to make this roast. It seemed too grandiose for a Monday night and too formal for Friday family fun night. When I heard mom was coming I thought–Queen for a day.


We used to go to Mother-Daughter banquetes as kids and I was going to try to make one here today for Mother’s Day.We started out the day before make foamy, glittery crowns and princess hats.



Then on Sunday morning I got the roast prepped. This frozen solid roast was parked in the refrigerator 2 days to thaw and is still a little frozen in the middle. It is really spectacular to look at. I can’t imagine buying the chops and tying it together myself. Directions say, roast 30 mins per pound on 325, ribs down. This was a little tricky as it tried to lean unbalanced to one side. I’m okay with it today as I am trying to adopt a new “it’s okay, it’s good enough, it doesn’t have to be perfect” way of thinking. I season with black pepper (quite a bit) onion powder, kosher salt, garlic with french herbs and parsley.
I wash up and kosher salt rub 6 russets, wrap em in tin foil and the main stuff is all ready to go when I am.

Today Momo stayed home with sick Lyla while Jim, the older girls and I head to church to work the nursery. I have to admit I wasn’t super stoked about being in the nursery on Mother’s Day. Shouldn’t men work it alone or something? I actually had a great time–serving together with my girls. I was blessed by a little 4 year-old precious boy named Quinton that has what appears to be down syndrome and some delays. I’m newer to this church so I wasn’t sure who his mama was. His little glasses broke my heart for some reason. Was it just because they were too tight, dirty or both? He danced a little to the music and loved it when I would take his pic and show it to him. When his mom came, I told her what a doll he had been and she responded, “I’m fostering him, but he’s too much for me to handle. I’m too old. He will be picked up in two weeks and taken to a “home” somewhere in Iowa.”IMG_4298

I told my girls that I loved them on the way home and thanked them for making me a mama. I let them in on Quinton’s future plans and they asked me where his mom was and why she didn’t want him? “I don’t know,” I answer….

I’m glad I took his picture today, I’m going to see it in my phone and pray for him when I do. I’m going to make a Spinach, cranberry, almond salad with a tangy poppy seed dressing to go with our crown roast in just a minute or two.

I toasted the sliced almonds on 350 for 10 mins. I rinsed the spinach and patted it dry. The salad was a delicious mix of red onion, bacon, cranberries, toasted almonds, spinach and poppyseed dressing (with fresh egg yolk). YUM!



I’m so glad that God gives us family relationships and love for one another. A person to love you unconditionally and forever. At your best, at your worst but sometimes not at all. I’m glad that God isn’t like that.  He never tires of us or gives us away.IMG_4315

Honestly, Amy

7 thoughts on “Queen for a Day!

    • This made me laugh… all that build up and I didn’t even share about how the roast. It wasn’t cooked all the way through when it was time to eat. We cut some off each end and put it back in. I have enough delicious pork to last for two or 3 meals. I’m thinking some kind of Chinese…

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