I must have done something good!

When I first walked into the old Holy Rosary convent, I could see past the walls that had been put up to separate the sitting area into counseling offices. I knew that the chapel shouldn’t be used for a conference room and that the confessional would be better served as a main floor laundry rather than storage for office supplies. But what I couldn’t wait to lay my eyes on was the kitchen. I consider this my “office” and the heart of the home. I was worried at what I would find. If it was horrible and beyond our budget to fix would we be forced to walk away? Or would we try our best, work with what was there and me be miserable…

Credit: 20TH CENTURY FOX / Album

My expectations are usually way beyond normal but I figured the kitchen would have to be good-sized and was hoping that it still had some of the 1950’s charm left to it. I feared oak and brass and vinyl but when I turned the corner I was pleasantly surprised.

The kitchen is bigger than any I’ve had,  17 x 10.  A big window over the sink that I can look out of  while I wash dishes (no dishwasher). I notice that the cabinets are metal and the hardware, chrome and (to me) shaped like little chevron babies. Even the old fridge and oven are there from back in the day. I can see the finished Kitchen in my mind and I LOVE it!


I following a super cool blog called retro renovation and it just so happens to have numerous posts on painting metal kitchen cabinets. I decided the best option was to have them soda blasted and powder coated for the optimum look and finish. However, it would cost about $6,000-$8,000. Seriously? I could just buy new cabinets with all the bells and whistles for that. The other problem is budget. Have you heard of Champaign taste on a beer budget? We’ll we are working with a lite beer taste on a tap water budget…

When I looked inside one of the cabinets I see.

IMG_2949 After reading more about this Ohio company and seeing 13 ways that others used them in fab 1950’s kitchens we decided “to go for it daddy-o”.

Start with an industrial degreaser – we did a little paint thinner and some citrus degreaser, adaptable nozzle for your Krylon high gloss bright white spray can, tape off the windows, remove the hardware and go to town…

DSC_0008Not bad if I do say so myself – we must have done something good and all for about $150…

All that’s left to complete this Kitchen remodel is new counter tops and flooring. I’m thinking black and white diamond vinyl or black and white ceramic tile with black grout. I’ll come back in a week or so with the rest of the progress. The color scheme is light turquoise and cherry red with pops of sunny yellow…

Honestly, Amy

6 thoughts on “I must have done something good!

  1. Mannington makes a black and white vinyl: Naturals pattern 17250
    Duraceramic by Congoleum also makes black (HE-22) and white (HE-11) vinyl tiles that go down individual pieces to create a custom pattern and also can be grouted (premixed, never changes color)
    Have fun!

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