16 going on 17… paint swatches

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Choosing paint colors seems fun…doesn’t it?!

If you had the opportunity to pick paint colors for every room in your house you might think that you’d have the time of your life. You know, watch some HGTV, look through a design magazine, go to the paint store, have it mixed – fun!

I love paint, painting, picking paint colors, changing paint colors and the like but for some reason this time it just wasn’t any fun.

I spent the better part of a day (I admit it) on the Benjamin Moore website, meditating on the Color of the year (actually for the last 5 years) and taking tedious notes. I finally made some tough decisions, packed up the most unhelpful “helper” (Lyla, almost 2) and headed to the hardware store. I wait in line, give the man my neatly organized list of numbers, names and finishes – the paint mixer guy looks at me and says, “uh – we don’t carry Benjamin Moore”.

I had to buy the paint today, I don’t have time to go back home and think about colors, this is the only store I can make the paint purchase at (another story) – I can feel my anxiety kicking in.

i-cant-keep-calm-because-i-have-anxiety-baseball-tee.american-apparel-unisex-baseball-tee.white-black.w380h440z1Yes, I realize there are real world problems but right now, for me, this is a problem.

I hurry over to the wall of hues and shades that look “not quite right” under the glare of buzzing fluorescents, because you know that’s the lighting in a normal house?  I do the best I can to pick out colors and am forced to buy satin due to the horrible orange peel and knock down texturizing on the 1950’s plaster walls. This is a big drawback to that era. I prefer sheet rock and a flat finish but beggars can’t be choosers (or that’s what I’m told).

2013-03-102 – nice, hardworking gentlemen did the majority of the painting but all of “us” (to include our beloved babysitter/friend) threw on some “paint” clothes and went to town. It’s fun to open a new paint can and see the color cover the blank white wall. It isn’t fun when your 7 & 9 year-old daughters get tired and bored – complain that their arms hurt and then proceed to “accidentally” step in a puddle of paint that the other one had just spilled. I digress…

These pics are a sneak peek at the bedrooms. I can’t wait to show you the finished house all decorated and moved into.

The halls and living room/dining room are shades of grey (not 50). The family room is lemon sorbet, the library is sweet daphne. One bath is handmade paper and the other is polo blue. The kitchen got 2 coats of jack frost–I love this color–it gives me chills. I’ve never had blue in my house before (I am more of a red girl) but with the enormous amount of light birch trim I went with “cools”. The bedrooms are another story entirely – Lucy wanted aqua marine, Lily wanted “my little pony” purple an you saw Lyla’s room  in Do-Re-Mi.

Our bedroom, the MASTER (I hate saying that) is going to be Moroccan-ish, you heard me right – Moroccan-ish… I’m envisioning jewel tones, rich fabrics, chunky espresso stained wood, etc. e370937e6e514d5af51117be251f71bfOr perhaps we’d get on better with the room like this: note this dusky turquoise color is on the “his” side of the “Master”…


Either way I’m sure it will end up looking  like Aladdin and the Shriners had a baby.

There are 2 guest rooms and I’m thinking one will be a “Florida” room – beach colors, ocean blue and sandy tan, pics of the beach and all things Aunt Hannah the other is Wisconsin, vintage state signs, cheesy yellow and liberal green.

There is still a ton to be done, one thing at time, one day at a time…Sweet Jesus. Oh, and technically there were 21 paint colors used…

Honestly, Amy

4 thoughts on “16 going on 17… paint swatches

  1. OMG how did you pick 21 colors on the spot with a 2 year old!?!?! Pressure must work for you girl.

    • I stopped at Mchealthy’s on the way, bought her some nuga nuga’s – threw her in a cart that looked like a semi and pretended that she didn’t exist….Is that wrong?

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