My Dr. burnt me and I asked her to…

mole, mo·le

/mōl/, /ˈmōlā/

  1. A small burrowing insectivorous mammal (family Talpidae) with dark velvety fur, a long muzzle, and very small eyes. Its several species…
  2. A small, often slightly raised blemish on the skin made dark by a high concentration of melanin.
  3. A large solid structure on a shore serving as a pier, breakwater, or causeway.
  4. The SI unit of amount of substance, equal to the quantity containing as many elementary units as there are atoms in 0.012 kg of carbon-12.
  5. An abnormal mass of tissue in the uterus.
  6. A highly spiced Mexican sauce made chiefly from chili peppers and chocolate, served with meat.
jetty – pier – birthmark

I’m moley, it’s not as bad as being skin taggy but not as great as being an easy tanner. I have had moles removed not once but twice. The first time, from the back of my neck (can’t really believe I’m blogging about moles) and the second time from my face. I struggled with one on my face that I had cut off. This one was my “Cordes” mole and very similar to Cindy Crawford’s. I kinda liked it, my dad and his dad had a mole in the same spot –  just above the top lip, on the right side. However, when I visited the dermatologist he told me that I might as well cut em all off. Think of it as a “by one, get one free.”

Last week I took my youngest to the dermatologist to have a skin rash looked at. While I was holding her like a vice during the examination the Dr. said, “what’s this on your face? I said, “oh yea, I went to the tanning bed three years ago, this brown spot showed up has stayed and changed shapes a little” (even though the tan faded). It gets crusty then peels to a hot raw pink and then crusts again, what’s the big deal? I guess basal cell carcinoma is the big deal…

I went back a week later and had my appointment, the Dr. is a cute young thing and at least ten years younger than me. She examines, we talk, she say’s she’ll be right back. I assume that she will enter with a tray of salves and Q-tips. She comes back a second later with a small blow torch…

I’m all like, “what are you going to do to me?” I see her (in my mind) pulling down her blow torch helmet (think flash dance) and she starts freezing off my face and neck (I guess those suckers grew back). I scream “your burning me” “is this what electrocution feels like?” she acts a little uncomfortable and asks me to quiet down for fear that I am scaring the other patients… She tells me to breathe but I happen to have bronchitis so that hurts too…

I sit there burning and thinking, I asked her to do this…

Oh, one more thing… I happened upon this face cream – I figured I should start doing something beside my regular daily  regimen of using my pillow case as my only form of facial cleanser. I got a sample at Christmas with an order I made as a gift for my sis. When I put it on it felt like a silky, silicone mask that let my skin breath at the same time. I LOVED it! I went to order it and WOWZA – this stuff must have pixie dust and Liz Taylor’s ashes in it. It’s really pricey. I got some in April (finally) for my birthday and I’ve used it ever since. I’m worth it and I don’t want to look like a suitcase, not yet anyway… MiracleWorkerMoisturizer__2oz_lidbehind_Scene7

Honestly, Amy

4 thoughts on “My Dr. burnt me and I asked her to…

  1. Haha this is too funny! I’m glad to hear you love that cream! I just purchased the cleaners because I had birchbox points to use (free cleanser woohoo!) and I was debating between that and the cream, but a lot of the reviews on the cream were bad so I wasn’t sure! I know it’s a personal preference thing so I might have to just try it!

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