Family Reunion Part 2= 3 days and 3 nights of fun!

Ok folks, here we go! The date is set, the t-shirts ordered and the reservations confirmed with a credit card–there is no turning back! Reunionpalooza 2013 is gonna happen! It is 30 days away and I am gonna get busy (busier!)

BBQReunion – Copy reunion

 I invited all the kinfolk–I better attend to the vittles and the fun!

Here is a rundown of what I plan to feed my wonderful family during our special time together!

Day 1 Dinner at the fire pit

Brats and Weenies with buns and condiments

Veggie “Family Tree” with Green Goddess Dip


Cookie Tray

Chesse and crackers


Soda Pop

I am a huge fan of the nosh–something to put out when my guests arrive! I will build a Veggie Family Tree with some floral foam toothpick and every veggie I can find. This day is a travel day and we will all be a bit weary. I will also spend the time getting re-acquainted with these strangers that share my childhood memories. I have asked everyone to share 1 memory of our family.

Day 2 Dinner

Roast Whole Hog

Old Fashion Macaroni Salad

My Cole Slaw

Cowboy Beans

Corn casserole from Aunt Bobbie

Pickle Salad with potato

A Mess of Green Beans and Bacon G’ma Betty style

Buns and sauce

Nilla puddin Pie

Ice Tea and Lemonade

We have a big day planned here. We are going to fish and golf  in the morning. I am going to take a crew to the Amish for a bit of shopping, Japanese in the middle of nowhere for lunch (them Jacksons lived in Japan fer a spell)  and then back here to have a tug of war, shoot skeet, talk and laugh and reunite! Fireworks at dusk! We have reunion t-shirts and photos will be taken! I have a pine cone craft and a crime scene (more about that later) to create~I invited a few “outsiders” I want to share with my family and I want my family to share with them!!!

Day 3 Dinner Norwegian-German Fiesta 

Pork Tacos


Salsa 2 ways


Black beans


Uncle Charlies favorite Lemon Dessert

Limeaide  and pineappleaide (yeah I just made that up-but it might work!)

Now I feel a bit of pressure on this one more than half of the guests are Transplant Texans and we all know you Don’t mess with Texas. I am just gonna take a deep breath and have a Fiesta–Hanson style and remember the secret to a great party is making your guests feel welcome! We are gonna run up to Madison in the morning for a trip to the best Farmers Market I have ever been to and then back here to talk and laugh and play and cook–my idea of a perfect day! I have a pinata for the kiddos (see, I have never been forgotten by someone I hardly know).

We are going to end our weekend with a bang! Church together! Out to lunch at the best BBQ and tearful goodbyes. My house will be a wreck, my fridge empty and my heart full!

 If you want any of the recipes I will gladly share, otherwise watch for Part III where I touch up paint, make sure my light bulbs match and drive my hubs and the boys crazy getting ready.

And Part IV will be the recap with photos, memories, musings and more!

Now enough bloggin for today–I have lists to make!

Sincerely, Sara

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