I follow her tweets

Have you ever had an experience with a closet door that made you want to shake with anger and go insane? No? Well, I have…

This closet door in my bedroom comes off the track daily and even fell on my baby once. I asked the hubs to fix it and he put it on the back porch…

Thankfully the closet door became useful, broken and a safe place for a mama robin and her three eggs…

nest 3

There is a big picture window in my living room that I can see the back porch from. One day nothing and the next this little mama built a nest on top of the closet door. I was amazed that she made it at night, in the dark and that it’s pretty good sized. She knew to put it here – protected from the elements.


She sits on this nest and watches, I’m not sure what she is watching or if she is keeping guard. I see that her belly is puffer than normal and has a thick white layer of fluff on it. I assume to keep the beautiful little eggs warm (this wasn’t there before}. We have to go out this back  door in the morning to take the girls to school and she startles easily. When I take out the garbage I try to tip toe, so I don’t as to not scare her but she is so on point that she flies out the porch and screams at me from the branch on a tree near by. I feel for her for some reason.

nest 2One afternoon I went outside during Lyla’s nap to enjoy a seat in the sun. I startled mama bird on the way out but soon after I situated myself in a chair and sat for a while, she joined me for a much needed sabbatical. I started thinking about her, well as a mom, as a human, like me…

She doesn’t have a husband helping her. Her only focus is protecting and incubating her eggs.


I knew the eggs hatched the other morning because I heard little cries and I saw mama bird flying back and forth with a mouth full of worms. She feeds them constantly. I got out with the old step stool and took the best pic I could (I was a little afraid that she would peck my eyes out, so I hurried and this is the best I could get). Look at how ugly and needy these little birds are. Mama bird built the nest, laid the eggs, sat on them- heating and protecting. Now that they’ve hatched she eats and eats, sends it through her own personal food processor and then feeds these squawking lil birds on demand.

Now that I have a robin family growing and in the newborn stage right here on my back porch, It’s made me aware of nests around town. One on the M in the drive through at McDonald’s, 2 on the house we are remodeling, one at the school. Life keeps going on and on all around.

She doesn’t get anything in return, there is not “me” time, no check your facebook time. Her instinct is to protect and take care. Soon she will kick em to the curb and she probably won’t look back. She won’t need to tweet about it either.

Honestly, Amy

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