Do you see what I see?


I love the smell of earth and tomato plants–like if it was a perfume I would wear it.  Summer is so special, so brief, so full of activity, fun and memories. I still feel a thrill when I fly a kite. I still smile when I see the first lightning bug (and grimace when I swat the first mosquito). 
When I look at this I see a miracle! I see cook-outs and reunions. I see evenings at the lake and afternoons at the pool. I smell charcoal and sunscreen. Chalk and bubbles and church softball leagues. Flip-flops and sundresses and  freckles across my nose.
I see my G’ma Betty canning the buckets of bounty Pa would produce. I hear the cicadas and lawn mowers. I feel the sun on my neck and the wind in my hair. I can taste the salsa and salads and BLT’s and s’mores and Iowa sweet corn and watermelon and everything else the full summer harvest has to offer.
I see a gift–magic, an unwritten story and another chance to make memories to last a lifetime.
Happy Supper…oops–I mean Happy Summer!
Sincerely, Sara


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