T. M(ay).I.

I’m not sure why we’re always amazed or surprised when we look back over the month in review. We wrote ’em for goodness sake, well with the exception of one.

April was a marriage of recipes and deep thoughts.

May is too much information, but it’s good information. We might just be saving some lives (physical and spiritual) through this little blog thang…

Seriously though we are proud to show you again what we and those close to us have shared. The point is to connect, we learn from you and we share it. Thanks for following along.


I have confidence in sunshine – Electricians too!

Why we love Lilacs

PAPanicolaou smear…The Musical

Don’t be …

My Dr. burnt me and I asked her to…

16 going on 17… paint swatches

Sloppy Joe Casserole!

Earth, Wind and Lies

I must have done something good!

Tonight, I try Thai on a Tuesday!

Queen for a Day!

Hold the onions

The right way to use facebook

No wonder everybody died at 40!


I am at the intersection of Puberty and Menopause

How Country Boys and I celebrate Cinco de Mayo = Burrfajco!

Trader Joe’s tuna is too, too good

I have never been forgotten by someone I hardly know

Giveaway: Thrive by Lina Abujamra – the single life as God intended

4 thoughts on “T. M(ay).I.

  1. I am so glad that you gals are finally realizing that you are talented, capable and better educated than many, not to mention kind, loving and beautiful!

  2. I have truly enjoyed the posts and the stories the insights that both of you have…your blog is something I look forward to reading….

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