Silhouette of Lionel Richie, a how to…

This is a tutorial of how to paint a  silhouette of Lionel Richie on canvas … I mean – my soon to be 2 year old, Lyla Grace.


I thought her silhouette would look great against the back drop of the “fruit stripe” gum wall I painted in her new bedroom at the convent.

This is one of those “pintrocites” but when I began it I was sure I could pull it off.

Don’t try this at home.

Step one…

Try and get your subject to turn to the side and hold still while you attempt to take a profile picture. This will work better if she isn’t 23 months old and strong willed.


Upload it to your computer and print out an 8×10 (or whatever size strikes your fancy).

Cut it out, trace it onto a canvas (shape and size of your choice). Purchase acrylic paint in colors you love and a few cheap brushes.

I painted the backdrop white even though the canvas is white.

I added the flower for a pop of color and went with gray instead of traditional black to soften it a little.

I mixed some pinks, white and red for the perfect peony flower color and felt like Bob Ross doing it.

I tried to paint the pollen with a chevron pattern so that I can hate it in a year when the trend is over.

IMG_5044The finished product looks like Lionel Richie as a tribal medicine man. I may be a little hard on myself… Everybody else around here seems to like it. When I asked Lyla who it was, she replied – “that Lyla”. So maybe it resembles her. Hello! Maybe she does look like Mr. easy like Sunday morning.

This is how a a real tutorial on a beautiful website looks…

Honestly, Amy

Oh, one more thing… I need your help. Will you help me decide what to paint our new front door and iron railing in front of the convent?

For some reason all I could imagine was white for the rail, screen door and mail box and a soft fuchsia for the door but everyone that I have suggested that to looks at me like I’m off my gourd. Perhaps I am, I’m a pinbarrassment. Leave a comment and tell me what color for the door and iron. Please?

8 thoughts on “Silhouette of Lionel Richie, a how to…

  1. The Lyla picture is great! Gma Betty went with white on the railings but had to paint almost every year.

  2. It is your sister-Sara….Keep all the black-BLACK! paint the door Bright Orangey Yellow and plant shades of orange and yellow in the flower bed in front. Paint the little eagle on the mail box and get a feed box and paint it the same or 2 small cafe chairs.
    Or…a deep Guacamole to Olive green and fill the bed with hosta and shades of green and white flowers. Use the box to store salt or flip flips or toys…I am glad you try things!

  3. White Trim with Turquoise Front Door…I agree with Sincerely two chairs with pillows (add your fushia here)

  4. You get an E for Effort on Lionel Richie and for taking on Pinterest projects! Not that it matters, but I say keep the railing black and do what your sister says! Coordinate the door and flowers in any color! Hope you will post the results!

  5. Hi! I noticed you stopped by my blog a little bit ago! Thank you for following and bringing me into contact with your link! This post cracked me up! You two have a great blog here. I look forward to checking in often! 🙂

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