The hills are alive

Thanks to the nuns or perhaps a gentle maintenance man back in the day, there are a plethora and variety of flowers in the beds surrounding all 3500 square feet of convent. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into one of the soon-to-be be girls bedrooms in the lower level and saw cheery flowers right outside the windows. No doubt a little thought and planning went into

their choices.


But over the last year the property has been vacant and even when it was offices, all the upkeep consisted of was the lawn being mowed. I’m excited for me and the girls to start weeding and exploring the annuals and adding a few of our own favorites.

So thanks for all the thought and hard work ladies… wonder what their up to now that I’ve taken over the chores…

nunsHonestly, Amy

2 thoughts on “The hills are alive

  1. Every convent I have ever been in has had beautiful gardens, looks like you have done really well and that brick wall is the perfect backdrop too! What surprises you will discover as the year progresses.. c

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