We had a “Ball” making teacher gifts

I wasn’t going to do teacher gifts for the end of the school year but then sister Sara told me about a great idea that she found. Then instead of just “liking” the idea and pining it, she actually went out, bought the stuff, printed out the labels, made and delivered them.

She said the teachers loved the gifts. She told me I should make some to. I told her my printer was broken but I might improvise.

To bad for Sara (wha,wha,wha) her pics are stuck on a computer that went down so she had nothing to show you. I made ones that I’m sure aren’t as good as hers and I took a some photos to show you.

2013-06-02The supplies – all from Walmart, all of it cost less than $5 a piece.

Here is the original idea and free printable, so cute!


Here’s how I “Amy-ed” em all up…

I thought they turned out ok. When I bought the gum I thought it was in those little packs but they were the big square ones. I had to jam it into the little pint size jars. Good luck pulling that out teacher…

Sticky price tags are so frustrating.

remind me to buy some goof off

remind me to buy some goof off

So are 2-year-old helpers…

she's cute but not helpful at all

she’s cute but not helpful at all

It was fun to give a little token to the people who taught my girls all year. I got a little weepy when we left. The end of the school year makes me come to terms with the fact that the kids have grown older, taller and are moving up and towards out. I know the summer will fly by – I hope I take some time to just be.

Last year Lily finished kindergarten. I bought a book from the scholastic fair and asked her teacher sign it, writing a little something about what Lily was like. I left it with her 1st grade teacher to do the same. I plan to give it to Lily at her high school graduation, I imagine her reading it and remembering all the teachers and the grades she’s completed.

Dis-honestly, Amy

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