100 things to do this summer

  1. Go bowling
  2. Eat frozen custard
  3. Catch fireflies
  4. Eat snowcones
  5. Pick blackberries
  6. Pick blueberries
  7. Go swimming
  8. Go to Wisconsin
  9. Drink fresh squeezed lemonade
  10. Make homemade salsa
  11. Play croquet
  12. Star gaze
  13. Write a poem
  14. Farmer’s market
  15. Build a bird house
  16. Paint furniture
  17. Go to Kansas City (Go Chiefs) – Visit some friends and enjoy the day at World’s of Fun
  18. Skype with friends
  19. Camp Seward 2013 – we have 2 friends from our hometown come and stay for a week and we do fun activities
  20. Visit Momo & Popo (Grandma & Grandpa)
  21. Plan a PJ day when it rains, stay in em all day…
  22. Dance in the rain
  23. Make homemade pretzels
  24. Outdoor scavenger hunt – thanks pinterest
  25. Aquatic center
  26. Bake cookies
  27. Hang out at the Library
  28. Host a sleepover
  29. Go on a picnic
  30. Play in a sprinkler
  31. Weed flower beds
  32. Smores
  33. Blow dandelions
  34. Make a sundial
  35. Fly kites
  36. Catch bugs
  37. Fondue dinner
  38. Call your BFF
  39. Lucy day
  40. Mommy day – gettin a sitter, gettin a pedicure and going to a movie… alone!
  41. Feed the animals at Olsen park
  42. Hobby Lobby – window shop for great ideas and inspiration, maybe buy a craft to work on
  43. Grill dinner with daddy
  44. Decorate your new bedroom
  45. Lemonade stand – $.25 a glass
  46. Go to every park in Fort Dodge – in alphabetical order
  47. Driving range with Daddy
  48. Eat strawberry shortcake with the ripest, reddest strawberries and homemade yellow cake
  49. Travel to Hollandale, WI for a fun-filled family reunion 6/13-6/17
  50. Move, yeah-ugh!
  51. Puppet show
  52. Watch the clouds – on a blanket in the lawn for at least a half an hour
  53. Go junkin’junkin
  54. Take turns staying at Momo & Popo’s for a few days in Davenport – ALL BY YOURSELF!
  55. Register for CCS (Community Christian School) and go back to school shopping
  56. Cook supper with Mama
  57. Cook dinner and serve it at the men’s homeless shelter
  58. Make a windchime
  59. Go fishing – yuck!
  60. Visit with our “surprise” visitor
  61. Make banana splits
  62. Play hopscotch
  63. Daddy day – do whatever he wants to do
  64. Splash pad
  65. Mini golf tournament
  66. Read Life with Lily 3
  67. Throw frisbees
  68. Go to the Zoo
  69. Backyard Bible club
  70. Don’t watch TV all day
  71. Family movie night
  72. Volunteer at the men’s Christian homeless shelter
  73. Read Little Women (not all in one sitting)
  74. Watch fireworks on the 4th of July (outside on a blanket) (not inside on PBS, Jim)
  75. Visit a Museum
  76. Go on a hike
  77. Make a family flag
  78. Lily day
  79. Visit the QCA
  80. Blow bubbles
  81. Make popsicles
  82. Lyla day
  83. Make mud pies
  84. Make trail mix or homemade granola bars
  85. Family game night (at least 3)
  86. Make a root beer or coke float
  87. Make homemade play dough
  88. Learn three bird calls
  89. Organize and walk in ENDURE FOR SAEED 5k run/walk
  90. Draw or paint a picture of a flower, found in our yard
  91. Paint rocks
  92. Mid Summer Night Celebration
  93. Hanson’s visit – Cousin Lovin
  94. Daddy Daughter Donut Date
  95. Have new friends over for a cook out
  96. Create a new sandwich recipe
  97. Eat ice cold watermelon outside on a very hot daysummer 5
  98. Watermelon seed spitting contest
  99. Sidewalk chalk mural
  100. Water gun fight

Well, we’ve done 1 and 1/2 of the 100 – it wasn’t very hot when we ate the watermelon so we’ll have to do that one again. But we did go junkin’ and we’ll probably do that again too. I hope you get to do some fun stuff this summer.

Honestly, Amy

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