My Reverse Bob…… Newhart

I have ALWAYS wanted lush, thick, dark, long hair. However, God in his infinite wisdom chose to give me thin, fine, easily broken, dishwater blonde hairs. I try my best with what I have and I do get bored easily so I change it up a lot. I color or highlight it and I usually try new bobbish styles. The past 2 years I decided this was the time I would finally grow it past my shoulders (before I’m 40). I did what you are supposed to do and had it trimmed every 6 weeks, I even tried that Wen stuff (another post) but it seemed that it grew maybe 2″ in those two years. The results are straggles and wisps. Honestly, (to me) it looks like the scene on 30 something when Nancy takes off her head scarf and shows us whats left of her long blonde main after a few rounds of chemo. When I went to my salon I was hopeful for a change. I wanted a new look for summer and was gonna do something so drastic that it would be a “before and after”…

I took my petite, long suffering stylists these shots from pinterst and said, “make it happen”!

Thankfully she didn’t pull that ole, “I’m a beautician not a magician”. She asked me lots of questions and I decided on the Gwyneth.

The problem with this look is that I’m not Gwyneth, I don’t do 3 hours of hot yoga every day, I’m not married to a rock star and I’m not tan and lean…

To be honest, I felt like the Albino from the Princess Bride… I worked with it for a week but it just never felt like me. I have also never asked to have my hair “redone” but I did this time. My hair girl is also my friend on facebook and felt terrible (I don’t know why) that I was posting pics and saying that I hated it. She texted me and said, “get in here”.

She “toned” it down and gave me a lil reverse bob and waxed my eyebrows. I’m glad to be “back” to my self.

Honestly, AmyIMG_5235

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