So long, farewell


I was supper curious and excited to pull up the carpet (and when I say me, I mean Jim and some guys). I was certain that under the hodge podge of textures and colors of all sort, there would be beautiful wooden floors. Perhaps something that complemented the birch woodwork. Oh how nice it will be to refinish the floors and get a couple area rugs… As you may have already guessed there was not wood floors under the nasty carpet, there was a weird tile as far as the eye could see. Asbestos tile at that…


Also, when we were ripping out the carpet we ripped off the rubber cove base board trim that folks like to put in commercial offices. Because of the epoxy used to glue the trim on the wall, when we pulled it off small chunks and patches of the plaster came with it. There was a positive that came from the damage, I could justify the purchase of thick, chunky, white wooden trim throughout the entire 3500 sq ft.

DSC_0015So in an attempt to save as much money as possible (and help out others) Jim and I “road tripped” to Des Moines to visit the Habitat Restore.

This restore has got it going on. It’s so big and busy that Mohawk made them a licensed distributer and you can order it from them at a big discount. I find just the wood laminate inlay at a fraction of the cost. I want tobacco or darker and here it is at $2.42 a sq ft with pad compared to $7.00 with out pad at the local flooring store. The only draw back is having to rent a truck and pay for gas and the time to transport it from Iowa’s capital…


I don’t find any viynl black and white in checks or diamonds but thanks to our pit stop at the Macaroni Grill I get a little inspiration in the lady’s room…

IMG_4359There is soooooooooooooo much work to do that I need to escape with a loaf of rosemary bread dipped in black pepper olive oil and an entrée of chicken Carmella… Yum – carmelized onions, mushrooms, garlic cream sauce and pen with grill seared chicken and fresh parm.

Back to work…

IMG_4352We’ll stop at the restore here in Fort Dodge for a couple of  “can’t live without/this is perfect” finds.


I’m still debating on this communion table, it could be a tv stand in the family room. It weighs 49 gazillion pounds…?

Did I mention that you can find it ALL at the habitat restore?


In the end we calculated the cost of renting a truck, paying a couple guys to load it, drive it to Fort Dodge from Des Moines and still have to pay to get it installed and we found that the “savings” wasn’t the landslide that we first thought it was going to be.

I went back to the flooring place and with their help I made a few design changes and actually came away really loving my new (cheaper) choice.

IMG_4964The laminate that I originally chose was a dark tobacco. Lots of people kept trying to talk me out of it, saying it would show every piece of lint and dirt and scratch. I poo poo’d em all and said, “I want what I want”. Then when I was forced to pick again due to price, I asked if they had any gray looking wood laminate. There were 2 “ish” and both were in my price range. No one else seems to like them but mark my words here and now…. this is the new thing. I call that you will see this color popping up all over soon. Grayish looking wood looking flooring. And even if it doesn’t, I like it and its gonna look great in the convent.

So, so long, farewell old nasty carpet and hello grays and black and whites (flooring, not nuns)…

Honestly, Amynuns 2

7 thoughts on “So long, farewell

  1. It’s always fun tearing something up or out to find what lies underneath – lol. I would love that store you visited – sounds like a treasure hunt to me. Can’t wait to see the floor done!

  2. Restore is so awesome! I love that place! I know you will work your magic and make that place great! xo Kristin

  3. Now I will be singing sound of music songs all day. We are for real coming in august will you be up and running by then? So cool!!! Can’t wait to see it.

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