The first official week of our summer schedule – we actually did it!

So we did it! The kids kept me accountable to this darn schedule that I made. (it’s not just for show on the ole’ blog). Every morning they would pop up, look at theSeward Summer Schedule and start reading off what we are suppose to be doing next.

Monday I wasn’t prepared and of course it was the day to “make something”. Thankfully with Father’s Day in a few, we put together a “Happy Father’s Day” banner and made some homemade cards for the World’s Best Dad!

IMG_5250 Don’t let the look on the middle child’s face fool you, she loved it! That is when she wasn’t whining and complaining that Lucy got all the fun jobs…

We used craft items left over from making end of the school year teacher gifts. Stripped note cards in cherry colors, some bright died burlap twine and the sweetest little miniature cloth’s line clips on the planet.


IMG_5247 It just so happens (God) that our local public Library has a special kids day on Tuesday’s. We got there about a quarter after and still caught the end of an awesome science show (complete with an experiment of a volcano erupting). We then signed up for the summer reading program, picked up 2 books each and tickets to a Victorian picnic in the park next week.



Not quite what I had in mind for today (actually didn’t have anything in mind for today, better get to planning). But a little organic Vitamin D and some swimming exercise counts as “workin’ on yourself”…thursdayThis by far has been the greatest day of this week so far. We made some homemade chicken noodle soup the night before for din, din. The next afternoon we walked it over to our 86-year-old widower neighbor and asked him if there was anything we could do for him.

He said his mower had run out of gas and his dog needed to take a little walk. I was sure that Merv would never have come asking for some gasoline or to walk his dog. But when I told him I was working with the girls on “serving” others, he gave me a gentle slap on the back and said, “that’s wonderful” go right ahead. Lucy loves dogs, so that was her favorite part. I love to hear people rant and rave over how good my cooking is and Lyla is just happy to be out of the house. (Lily was gone at a friend’s house this day).

DSC_0033-001We spent a good junk of time this day working on putting together a 5k run/walk to raise awareness and support for Saeed Abedini and his family. An American Pastor, prisoned in Iran for his Christian faith. The walk will be here in Fort Dodge, Saturday, September 21. We will join other cities that are hosting the same event. I will be sharing a bunch more about this in the near future if you too feel burdened to help a brother in Christ. If you would like to learn more about Saeed, his amazing story and how you can help click here. 

Enjoy Summer, Amy


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