Who are We?

Having a place to go – is a home.  Having someone to love – is a family.  Having both – is a blessing.  ~Donna Hedges

So, many of you know that I have been busy these last few weeks getting ready for a pretty big shindig. My Aunts and Uncles and Parents and Sister and Cousins and Nieces….  My Family is coming here for 4 days for a Family Reunion of Epic proportions. We have not been together for anything but Funerals the last 4 years and we lost our Foundation–G’ma Betty and Pa.

My Family is spread across a lot of miles. If we lived closer I think some KFC at a park pavilion would be just fine. But since family is traveling from far away and sacrificing the time and money, we are making an event and I am giving my family a taste of Wisconsin–the Wisconsin that I have come to know and love. It is not all Old Milwaukee and Packers and Cheese; most of it is…but not all!

I want to keep our schedule loose, but I have enough simple, fun things planned to keep us busy. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop or…when we all sit around too much that is when the fights start!

The Plan

Wednesday – My sister and family arrive for some  planning and a little face to face reconnect (aka, help me finish up last-minute stuff and chill a little).

Thursday – (Travel day) – for almost all the relations. The hubs and brother-in-law take the boat to the lake and do all things – MAN.  Amy and I put the house in perfect order, she mows, I clean the hog toaster and turtle tanks (chores I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy). The plan is a weenie, brat, hamburger roast (boy scout style) with a veggie family tree, chips other foods to nosh on and a bunch of  s’more stuff. Just like with everything in life, things never go the way you expect. Family got lost and arrived hours later than I planned!  My guests were tired and weary.

Friday- (Flag Day) – The men folk  head out to golf or fish. The woman folk (and cousin Jeff) visit the Amish and eat on the lake at the Dairy Bar. We all get back together for family pics, a whole roasted hog, matching shirts, the “who are we?” game and lots of re-connecting. We laugh and chat and reminisce.

Saturday – (Fiesta) – We made a dent in the 100 pounds of hog — the rest of the pork will be  shredded for pork tacos and home-made salsa and guacamole and black beans and rice (shout out to all the Texas branch). Ice Cream Sundae Bar, a talent show, a woodland craft and more talking and sharing–just being together.

Sunday – Goodbye until…? Some have come late,  left early, traveled far, gotten lost…. It’s been good to see ourselves get older and our families grow. To get to know those we have only seen in pictures and re-acquaint with those we knew when…our cousins were our first friends and it warms our heart to see our children become friends too.

We knew who we were then, it’s even better to know who we are now!


I am sure there is a group in Heaven this week that has enjoyed watching us enjoy our time together. Time…it goes by so fast, it is what we are always short on and it is so important to set some aside to spend it with the folks you love!

Sincerely, Sara

P.S. my littlest Eli isn’t naked…he has on a diaper! One thing about Family Time…sometimes it gets messy!

10 thoughts on “Who are We?

  1. What a wonderful picture of your family,which I am proud to call my cousins,so glad Vickie stopped in to see dad on the way,he was happy to see her.God bless all of you.,Cathy

  2. It was so much more fun than this even looks! Lot’sa work today…….thank the Lord for the next generation!

  3. Even with the cut on my shin…the picture taking experience for this photo was worth the trip…It was enjoyable to discover your family…

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  5. How lovely to meet you and your family. My sisters and I are spread across several continents, USA, UK and I am in NZ. It’s lovely when we do get together for celebrations.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and deciding to follow me.

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