Family Reunion sneak peek

Well, it happened.  People came from near and far. They took the time off, made plane reservations, filled up the car with luggage and gas and headed to Sincerely, Sara’s house in Hollandale, WI.


It was a weekend filled with fresh clean air, beautiful views, burrowing ticks and biting bugs, about 50 largemouth bass, great times, laughs, some tears and lots of memories. All the hard work and expense was so well worth it.

We came as relatives and left as friends with the promise to do this 2 years from this weekend in Port Aransas, TX for a reunion on the gulf of mexico.

So many pictures and recipes to share it would be to overwhelming to jam it into one post.


We did activities, the kids put on a talent show, the guys (and a couple gals) went fishing, golfing and to a petting zoo/farmers market. Most the gals went shopping, stalked the Amish and helped Sara prep and serve delicious food in abundance.

I hope that when you read these family reuinionpalooza posts you are motivated to call or email your family and plan some kind of get-together this summer. It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive production (although it could be). It can be a bucket of chicken and a park pavilion. Just let your kids meet your cousin’s kids, walk down memory lane with a game we like to call “who are we?” and reconnect.


Coming up in the next week (or two) we’ll share step by step (with great photos) what we enjoyed in the little slice of heaven called Hollandale, WI.


  • Tisket a tasket s’mores in a basket
  • Veggie family tree
  • nosh,nosh, nosh
  • Who am I?
  • Flag Day and a Birthday
  • Going Hog Wild
  • When life gives you flies–swat ‘ em
  • Family chalk crime scene
  • Woodland hike and keepsake frame craft
  • talented show
  • Amish baked goods
  • My Fish Stick Aunt
  • Matching t-shirts
  • Thumbprint family tree
  • fishing, golfing and the Yellowstone Dairy Bar
  • New Glarus polka fest and Catholic bricka bracka
  • Pecks petting zoo and farmers market
  •  Fiesta with a pinata and carnitas, salsa and guac
  • Sundae’s and good bye’s
  • Next time

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