We are Family–our T-shirts say so!

One of the big takeaway’s I have learned from planning and putting together this family reunion is – if someone offers to help… LET THEM!  I really can’t do it all, even when I try.


Cousin Becca offered to design the t-shirts and handle all the details (sizes, shipping, etc.).  She is so great with details. Let people use their gifts and you will reap the benefit!  I’m more of a food. drink and decoration/theme – kind of girl. I had asked Honestly, Amy if she wanted to do it before Becca offered and when I heard crickets and saw a tumble weed blow across the telephone wire I knew she wasn’t into it either.

That's cousin Becca in the  center. Seated above her is her beautiful mini me Lilly and to her left her mama VIckie

That’s cousin Becca in the center. Seated above her is her beautiful mini me Lilly and to her left her mama VIckie

Matching t-shirts (I feel) are a necessity for any “real” reunion. There is something about us all wearing it, making us look and feel like a special group and it’s a neat memento and reminder of the great time we shared.  Becca did a great job consulting with us on our opinions and researched for the most economical option. She got the shirt printed in 2 colors (it gets pricier the more colors and softer the t-shirt) on a soft heather gray all for $8 bucks a piece. Not bad!

In the end this is the one we chose…


The t-shirt in action.



Ya’ll come back now, ya hear, for even more Family Reunion fun!

Sincerely, Sara



4 thoughts on “We are Family–our T-shirts say so!

  1. For someone who doesn’t really know your family, (though have met some of them) it was fun to look at your pictures and see family resemblances!!! My family gives me a hard time on this as I always see things in people’s faces that no one else ever sees!

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