When life gives you flies–Swat ’em

No matter who showed up for this reunion–I knew there would be one unwanted guest…FLIES! We live in the country and despite traps and bug lights and fly paper–they are everywhere. I started thinking about the comfort of my guests and tried to think of ways to keep everyone happy and healthy during our time…I came up with a few handy dandy ideas and they made my job alot easier too.

Swater Bouquet


Yeah, I could have gone with sunflowers or daisies…but we needed these. I got them for less than $1.00 a piece and we used them inside and out!  I had food out all the time for family to snack on as we came and went. The Fly Swaters were handy, contained and available…and a little redneck too!

First Aid Bucket

Do you have any idea how many band aids a group like us can go thru in a few days?!?  Before we got together I tried to imagine everything we would need in a emergency or non emergency and gather it together. I thought this was way better then digging thru drawers and medicine cabinets during the parties. I started with sunscreen and bug spray.( I got baby friendly and deet filled too!~) Band-aids, Bactine, Neosprin, burn cream, Aloe Vera, Tylenol (for kids and grown ups) Benadryl, tweezers, Tums and Purell…I think we had it covered! Everybody here got into the bucket at least once and it saved me from constantly searching for what everyone needed!


Tubs o’ Fun

So I started collecting goodies months in advance for this reunionpalooza. I hated having bags here and cans there and everything everywhere–This was my solution. I took 3 storage tubs and marked and filled them. One for each day was filled with decorations, paper plates, cups, plastic silverware, disposable pans and non-perishable food, a menu and plan for activities went inside too. They were safe and contained and each morning during my 3 days of fun I pulled out the right one for the day. I found this to be a great way to not forget something I wanted to use or search thru cupboards and the closet at the last minute.

I hope you like my ideas and use them and adapt them for your summer party. Stay tuned all this month for more tips and tricks for hosting a wiz-bag summer shindig!

Sincerely, Sara


4 thoughts on “When life gives you flies–Swat ’em

  1. I took a photo of the fly strip hanging between the kitchen and the dinning room…I am surprised it didn’t make this photo shot…loved the first aid kit…my leg appreciates it more…

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