Leaving your mark-thumbprint canvas

Part of what made the reunionpalooza such a good time was having activities, crafts and outings. In between all the visiting, laughing, reminiscing and eating we took a few moments to create this keepsake for the 2 matriarchs, (aka Grandmas).

I usually find fingerprints are my enemy, what better than a “family” tree filled with all of our fingerprints stamped on it as leaves?

I high tailed it over to Walmart and picked up a 2 pack of 11×14 canvase. A little bottle of brown acrylic paint, in bark brown (how appropriate) and 4  stampers in different shades of green.

IMG_5524 Lucky for us, my hubs is artistic and enjoys painting on demand. In little less than half an hour he painted the “trees”.

Now all we needed was some relatives and their fingers…



Total cost for the keepsake – $16

Everybody signed their names by their prints and the rest is history.


Honestly, Amy

6 thoughts on “Leaving your mark-thumbprint canvas

  1. What a treasure!!! I want to make one of these!! Maybe I will do it on our week vacation with all of our grown children! You have inspired me. I’ll let you know if I get it done.

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