We was framed

Sara thought of everything…  The last day of our time together we took a late morning walk through the quiet beautiful trail, that is her backyard. We collected items offered from the forest floor in anticipation of using them to create another keepsake. If you missed the other craft we made, you can see it here – thumbprint canvas.

While Sara was busy in the kitchen shredding the pork and spicing it up. Making homemade guacamole, salsa and preparing all the other sides necessary for a Mexican Fiesta (you’ll see that post tomorrow). The rest of us were out side creating a picture frame to hold a 4×6 of our family picture.

All we needed for this project was a couple of hot glue guns and some creativity. The frames were purchased Michael’s for a buck each (it really don’t get much cheaper than that)!

It was so serene in the woods.

Some of us got tuckered out and one cousin who shall remain nameless (Morgan) was slightly afraid of ticks…

Arranging our finds was the funnest part.

IMG_5487Each families frame is as unique as they are.


IMG_5622Honestly, Amy


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