Our Fun Family Fiesta


I knew when I planned on the Hog Roast that there would be a lot of meat. I wanted to have it and use it but not make it feel like a rerun or left overs being served over and over.

I planned a Tex/Mex feast. I had all these Texans here–so there was a little bit of pressure. I took a deep breath and did the best I could with what I had…here is what I came up with.

 Carnita with corn or flour tortillas

Seasoned Black Beans

Deliciousioso Rice






I had my Mom and Aunts start pulling and chopping some of the leftover hog. I dropped it into the Crock Pot with some    Chicken Broth, Lime Juice, Chili Powder, Garlic and Cumin and a bit of liquid smoke. I turned it on low, popped on the lid and crossed my fingers.

We made Salsa…hmmm fresh salsa always tastes better than anything in the jar and salsa and guac are so easy to whip up once you gather your ingredients. This was such a huge hit with the grown ups and kids alike. For fixins just what is available and a bit of imagination. Cheese (Cheddar and Queso Fresco) grilled or raw red onion, torn lettuce, chopped tomato, cabbage, pickled peppers, cilantro leaves, sour cream. We spread out the rice, beans and dips with chips and we were a happy bunch. Our Uncle Sam always says,”it sure gets quiet when you slop the hogs!” Well, I don’t know about quiet but we were busy.



I wanted to have some fun. In the morning we took at walk and made our frames and had our talent show but I had a few more surprises planned.

DSC_0014-002Morgan is better at growing long beautiful hair on her head–but for today we “mustache” you to have a little fun.

DSC_0029-002Maracas and of course a piñata. Our party noise makers were 2 for $1 at Target. I looked at  a lot of pinatas–I found them to be around $30 bucks at the party store…I got this baby for $6 at the Mexican grocery store! Ole~


This was an easy, fun and affordable way to celebrate. We did have so much to be happy about…Our time together, an amazing summer day, delicious food and a wonderful family.

Hope you liked a peek at our party–what is your favorite way to celebrate and what do you like at your Fiesta?

Sincerely, Sara


3 thoughts on “Our Fun Family Fiesta

  1. Have to have a piñata looks like you out did yourself Sara wish I could have been there maybe next one lots of love Amanda

  2. I so enjoy the couple of minutes that I take (out of my work day) to enjoy this post for my personal and professional self-care…what wonderful fun it looks like all had…

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