We picked Peck’s

I have shared  a lot from our Family Reunion here in Wisconsin this month, there are just a few more bits I think you might enjoy.

Our last day together the menfolk took the youngin’s so we ladies could do a bit of window shopping and catching up with no kids~ I felt like I was on parole!

They headed out to one of our favorite free family fun places. Peck’s!


This is a place we make a point of visiting each season. Flowers in the spring, rhubarb, strawberries, asparagus and morels!! In the summer watermelon, huge delicious tomatoes, sweet corn and comb honey!! Autumn comes and we gather indian corn, gourds and pumpkins along  with canned goodies and beautiful baked goods.


The kids here beg to go for other reasons… beside the food and flowers….

These folks are brilliant and know what makes a kid squeal with glee, wagon rides, play ground and a petting zoo with lots of native animals up close and personal. (penny candy too–hey, nobody’s perfect).


If you are anywhere close to us make sure you visit Peck’s soon and if not–look around,  good’ole free family fun is worth the find!

Sincerely, Sara

One thought on “We picked Peck’s

  1. The reunion looked like lots of cozy fun! And I have to tell you my “theory” that all the nicest people are from the midwest (we live in California and when I meet someone especially nice they always are from Indiana of Illinois…) and the very nicest people are from Wisconsin!! It may sound wacky, but I think it’s true.

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