The Last Supper


Our time together was coming to a close. We had done almost everything we tried to do. We all got together! I was able to show my family a  slice of my life in Wisconsin. We got to laugh and share and get to know each other again and our children got to play and become acquainted. We shared old memories and made many new ones.

One of the best things I found is that ’cause we are family, I got to serve them left-overs! For our last meal I pulled out everything. Bits of our cook-out, hog roast and fiesta. Everyone got to go back for seconds on what they loved–I went for a bowl of Elliott Potato Salad and a Dr. Pepper!


I had one more trick up my sleeve…I pulled out an Ice Cream Sundae Bar. I started with a big bucket of cheap vanilla ice cream and cones or waffle bowls. I went a little crazy with toppings. Hot Fudge, Salted Caramel and Fresh Strawberry Sauce, Black Walnuts (from these here trees!), mint chips, candies, cherries, nuts, cookies and of course Whipped Cream!  All of the kids, (young and old) had fun making the perfect dessert.


We all gathered outside and our chairs all naturally came into a circle. We laughed and lingered and started our good-bye’s. We parted with hearts full and plans to do it again in a few years.


Oh, and Honestly, Amy left with something else from our shopping trip….

For the Convent!

For the Convent!

Sincerely, Sara

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