All my Hero’s are Human…my Paula Deen 2 cents

I don’t like to talk about “controversial” subjects here or on Fb because I really believe NO ONE ever changed their mind because  of a status update or blog blurb. I am trying to walk my walk and talk my talk and raise children to do the same. This week though, I have been sucked into a brouhaha  and I feel like I have something to say about a subject that almost everyone is talking about–something no one is saying….


My boys LOVE every single Super Hero…well, maybe not Aqua Man, but really, who does?! They know their back stories, powers, weakness, friends and enemies. They forgive them when they fail and squeal with delight when they succeed. They always believe they will win, they trust them to always do the right thing, after all Right always wins out in the end…er, right?


I love to cook and I like to watch cooking shows. I DVR just about every one. It started when I was little. I grew up south of Chicago and WTTW the PBS station would run Julia Child, the Frugal Gourmet and that crazy Cajun Dude on Saturday afternoons. Now this was a million years ago, we had 5 channels and no VCR so, it was  Golf, Baseball, Son of Svenguili or Cooking shows. Thank goodness I chose what I did. When I am rocking a sick baby in the night or if I have 21 minutes to kill (hardly ever) I play one of my recorded wonders and for a few moments I am entertained, impressed, educated or inspired.


I have watched Paula Deen on the Food Network and Today Show. I have never worshiped at the First Church of Paula and have made but one of her recipes (Scalloped Cheddar Pineapple). I have thrown a few dollars her way. I needed new pots and pans–they were on sale and the right color. When I moved into the forsaken cabin that was decorated in “Early American Poverty,” I purchased a cheery red utensil holder for my awful, depressed sub-human kitchen. I would look at it at times and think of the parts of her back story…single mom, depressed Bank teller (been there!) making bag lunches and dreaming dreams…I am no longer in that kitchen, but I remember that time.


So, I am not a media representative, legal analyst or political commentator but this is what I have been able to glean. Paula’s brother “Bubba” and his business were being sued for sexual harassment and Paula was asked to give a deposition–she swore to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…and she did. Have you read the transcript? I have. Does she sound like an evil, human-hating, white supremacist?  Uh, no.

WAIT?!? What? In this world where if the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit–who in the world admits to wrong doing if there is no proof?! Remember in the olden days when you made a mistake and you admitted it and you took your lumps and you went on?

You can use that word in a song, to a friend or in a comedy act. You can step on a flag and perform lewd acts on Christian symbols. You can mock a virgin. You can make fun of a fat girl. You can lie. You can cheat. You can steal. You cannot admit to something that is unpopular that you did 25 years ago. When is it ok? I am unclear on the rules.

Quinton Tarantino makes a movie and they say that word 126 times…just sayin’.


Was what she did ok? NO! It makes me cringe. It makes me sad. I have had many people I have admired in my life…they have all let me down. They were humans…such is common to man.

Wal-Mart fired her today–their billions made from products made in countries that denounce and squelch basic HUMAN rights.  Where are all the Food Network Friends? Did they really know and love this bawdy, silver-haired Archie Bunker? Are they just afraid to tarnish their character or their brand?

Why does our culture build these idols? Celebrity, fame…we build them up and smirk when they fall. We gossip about them until we bore of their folly then move on the next.


Anyone who thinks anyone on TV is real…is…mistaken. The FN is full of chefs and cooks…and stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, food stylists, lighting directors and a mess of others. I have always said that a real Iron Chef should have 3 hungry kids and a grumpy husband yanting at them with a phone ringing and a sink full of dishes to face at the end and I would consider that a true culinary Battle Royale. I am even a fake here in Hollandale. I feel like a fraud every Sunday when we walk into church all scrubbed and dressed and on our best behavior…that is not our reality. If everything I said was repeated, I would have no friends….


Has it occurred to anyone that Paula Deen did a good thing here? She told the truth. She is a worker and a fighter. She said she was sorry. There have been many celebrities and politicians that have not done the same. I have not always spoken with kindness, I have not always been truthful. I think it is time to let Paula down off the cross–somebody needs the wood.


“A Hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”

-Christopher Reeve

Sincerely, Sara

31 thoughts on “All my Hero’s are Human…my Paula Deen 2 cents

  1. OH THANK YOU for this post! I have been fighting mad all week over this story! A woman who builds her career from NOTHING to provide for her two children, destroyed over this when every week we hear of some tirade by Alec Baldwin and others and they apologize and everyone moves on. ARGGGGGGGGGGG!

  2. Well said. We all are humans that do and say dumb things all the time. If Walmart and Target want to drop her over that word then why do they sell CDs with artists who use those words in their music?

  3. You have said what I have been thinking all week. What a sad situation, and so totally unnecessary. It is indeed a strange world.

  4. This is an excellent post!. I debated bringing up PD on my blog this week but decided not to. I have never been a fan of PD’s. I do however, believe that what is happening to PD is nothing more than 7th grade bullying. The whole class has ganged up on her and nobody dares to be her friend now.

  5. I have no idea who she is, I’ve never heard of her so I hope that puts your mind at ease. Those of us far away haven’t heard about this brouhaha ( great use of a great word btw.)
    I think these kinds of things are always media driven. A celebrity can’t open their mouths with out them jumping something.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. You said what I’ve been thinking and feeling, but so much better than I could. I’m not a hugh fan of Paula’s, but in this case she has my sympathy and full support.

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  8. I am not a huge fan of Paula Deen, but I do think the standards applied to her are so unforgiving and judgmental versus the way that society applauds cruelty and injustice in many of the ways you mentioned in this article. Thanks for the follow to my blog, as well. I’m now a follower of yours as well! Karen

  9. First of all, thanks for following my blog! I just happened to click on this post to see what you’re “all about”. And I just have one comment: “Amen, sister! You hit the nail on the head on this one!”.

  10. Thank you for this! I had to tell my daughters that the lesson to be learned in all of this mess is to think twice before telling the truth. Look where it got Paula. Sad state of affairs.

      • Thanks and welcome to the Deerslayer Sisterhood! My young deerslayers, while not Paula Deen fans, have gained a deep sympathy for anyone whose principles of honesty and candor have caused them the suffering that PD has endured. These are troubling times.

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