Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 1


Here it is, I’m choosing to show you the place now, even though it’s not decorated because its clean, box and clutter free. Come tomorrow at this time there will be boxes, bags, furniture, kids, etc. It will take me a few days, perhaps weeks…maybe months to get things unpacked and put away. I’ll do a post after things are decorated showing some real down and dirty, nitty gritty “before and after” shots with close ups and detail, but for now…

The Coventry House – built-in 1957 housed the nuns that taught at the Holy Rosary school (right next door) and helped care for the parish/school. The basement was used for church offices and there was a chapel and confessional built right in.

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According to the blue prints the original house had a Sewing Room/Library, Chapel, Confessional, 6 small and one large bedroom (for the head nun in charge) a Kitchen, Sitting room, 3 bathrooms and a Garden/Patio/Prayer Area.

Since that time it was converted to offices, temporary walls were put up randomly to create rooms for counseling young, wayward and troubled youth.

Today it has been restored back to a 7 bedroom, Open Living room/Dining room/Kitchen, Family Room (old chapel), Laundry Room (confessional), Office, 3 bath single family home.

Let’s get started… I’m SO excited to show you!

From the south entrance,

Painted the black wrought iron and the door.

Painted the black wrought iron and the door.

summer 1

Putting this together today to sit on the porch (a chair to watch the girls fight from). I love it when something looks old but it’s new. So I guess that makes me the opposite of vintage, antique/shabby chic and more facade, reproduction/made in china-ish.


Then through the front door,

This is what you see when you walk in the front door. A sneak of the fab 50's kitchen.

This is what you see when you walk in the front door. A sneak of the fab 50’s kitchen.

Inside and to the left, past the library is this lighted cove. It will hold our "nun".

Inside and to the left, past the library is this lighted cove. It will hold our “nun”.

Inside and to the right is the powder room. I’ve always wanted to paint a little bathroom black, is that weird? I plan to stencil high gloss white in some ultra trendy pattern. 

Turn right past the bathroom and into the Formal Living Room.

If a little is good than more is better. If I like the way the stencil turns out in the black bath than I’m doing this wall in the Living Room.


We opened up a wall into the Dining Room that was actually just a hallway between the old dining room and sitting room. I love open spaces.


A view from the kitchen

A view from the kitchen

A reverse view

A reverse view

I have long dreamed of being able to pick out all the colors, flooring, light fixtures in a home and God answered my prayers. In the past my style has been stop light, ya know – red, yellow, green. But with this project  I tapped into my calm and cool side (I actually don’t have one) and opted for blues, grays, black and white.

The best part will be after the boxes get unpacked, photos of our family hang on the wall and we begin to  make some new memories in this place.

I picked up this little gem at an antique store in New Glarus on a shopping outing during the family reunion.

IMG_5623I decided it will go in the lighted cove as you enter (see above), a great conversation piece and a little creepy.

I’ll tell you more about her story another time.

Tune in tomorrow for the chapel, confessional and Library.

Honestly, Amy


10 thoughts on “Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 1

  1. You put a glossy white pattern on those black walls and people will drop like flies from seizuring! Lol! My bestie Kelly did a stencil pattern in glossy black on a flat (maybe eggshell) black wall. Chalkboard paint would of been cool… Or gross. :0) LOVE the dark floors. Invest in a rechargeable sweeper now-every light crumb shows-remember my coolio black floors in my kitchen? Love/hate! :0) Awesome how nice (new) the openness looks!

  2. First, let me tell you I’ve always felt this connection to you and Sarah. By marriage (and Cordes blood) we met but as we’ve followed your lives on facebook, I’ve grown to feel a differnt type of bond. I so wish we resided closer to each other but I am grateful for social media and the opportunity to peek into your daily lives.

    This is my first visit to the convent – did you know I went to Rosary High School in St. Louis and was instructed by Sisters of the Holy Rosary…….

    I love your palette – my palette has always run to the basic of white/cream/eggshell so I envy your courage (with more than just color!)

    • Thank you! I was worried it would look like a 50’s diner wanna be, but the finish is matte and I too love the way it looks. It’s not wearing that well and is a huge pain to keep clean and scuff free…

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