Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 2


Today you’ll enter from the West entrance (the side that faces the school). We are pretty sure that the girls will go to the Christian School this fall and won’t it be convenient for me to send them out the door seconds before school begins?

So you come in the big glass commercial door (that will soon be swapped out for a residential one) and to the right what was once a sewing room is now Jim’s office. Not a man cave but a masculine space for my husband to teach his online course, the girls to take piano lessons and me to sit, sip coffee and watch them. I couldn’t help but paint it green. It’s Jim’s eye color and it compliments the decor I planned for the room and variety of wood grains.


The color of paint you choose really changes based on the texture its rolled onto and the finish you get. Unfortunately most of the walls are plaster or knock down and because of little kid finger prints I was forced to buy satin. The green wasn’t exactly what I envisioned, too avocado or lichen…

To the left of the entrance was the chapel & confessional. It’s now our Family Room and Laundry Room.

At the North end was a stage for the priest and to the right a place for the priest to change and a confessional. I thought about keeping the confessional for when the girls are teens but we aren’t Catholic and they won’t do anything that needs confessing…


DSC_0050-001Head out the family room and into the hall you see this and you could take a long flight of stairs down to a mostly scary basement. Now that the laundry is just off the family room, there is no need for me to risk my life going down there and then having to run up the stairs so that no one grabs my ankles.

The basement runs the entire length of the house and has a bathroom, small kitchenette for cake receptions and a bunch of skinning rooms (don’t watch Silence of the Lambs).

abbessNow it’s time for me to sign off and “Climb every mountain” of packing boxes, “forge every stream” of bubble wrap, “follow every rainbow”, until I find the heating pad, toothpaste, my good bra, Lyla’s extra diapers and Jim’s favorite coffee mug.

God bless me!




2 thoughts on “Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 2

  1. Hopefully you’ll do a video your soon? You didn’t show the glass door! (Might be able to get a few bucks for that on Craigslist!!) and views of corners makes it hard to get direction/perspective. :)!

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