Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 3

upThe upstairs

You can walk through a door in the Dining Room or Living Room and come upon a split stair case, let’s go up.

DSC_0005To the left was once not a door but a short hallway that led to 2 small bedroom that were exactly alike. Approximately 10×10 (cell) and featured built ins and small hand sinks. As Ronald Reagan once commanded Mikhail Gorbachev, “tare down this wall” so did we.

Now there is a beautiful, roomy Master Bedroom. Where there were built ins, there are now “his” & “her” closets with French doors – Oooh lala!





I’m trying a Moroccan theme remember? Although right now it looks like the Baltimore Ravens and the Minnesota Vikings had a baby.

To your left is the bathroom

The floor plan is the same up and down and the baths exactly alike. I wanted to make them opposite in style and color. This is an extension of the Moroccan theme. I really wanted a tortoise shell in there and to my surprise picked this bad boy up on sale just the other day…


Next up is the baby’s room and a guest room that I’m calling, “the Florida room”.

Let’s go downstairs and explore more of the 7 bedrooms.

sound-of-music-2The Hall is longer and there is a big ole closet.

One guest, it’ll be the “Wisconsin” room, big sisters room, middle sisters room, my office (I have a blog) and the kids bath.

Middle child, she picked the color.

Middle child, she picked the color.

My office

My office

Big sister room

Big sister room

Wisconsin room

Wisconsin room

Gotta run, we gotta unpack and dance…



4 thoughts on “Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 3

  1. My room in the house I lived in until 2nd grade had built a built in closet/drawers like I see here and I got to tell you I thought it was the coolest thing ever. So glad you are in. Happy dancing!

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