The Lonely Goatheard

So my ma took the kids so that I could unpack.

IMG_5813My goal today is to unpack the kitchen and make my first meal in it. I notice that the cupboards are deep but not wide. The more I see of mid-century furniture and cabinets I notice that they are made for small things and people. Thankfully I have a large pantry to store all my small appliances and food which will give me the room I need in the cupboards.



I love a big window over the sink to look out while I do dishes. I’m the dishwasher in this kitchen, notice there isn’t a real one.

IMG_5838This counter and stools has added great seating for the kids and an extra 10 feet of counter space. Space to cook, speaking of cooking…

Our babysitter Janessa hung out today and acted as my sous chef. Together we whipped up some homemade guacamole and salsa to serve with some traditional Tuesday night tacos. We even invited a new neighbor over (shout out Josh 20)…

2013-06-26Sister Slice Salsa


Bulb of garlic (you can use less but I like garlic)

Small can of diced green chilies

1 Large can of dices or crushed tomatoes (only use these if tomatoes aren’t in season or accessible)

4 fresh garden tomatoes

2 jalapeño peppers, seeded and chopped

bouquet of fresh cilantro

kosher salt to taste

juice of half a lime

half a purple or white onion chopped


I put it all in the blender, it turns out like restaurant style salsa and it’s GOOD!

Good Guacamole


4 soft to touch avocados

onion powder 1 tsp

table salt to taste

the juice of half a lemon


Using a fork mash avocado and salt together in a glass bowl. Add onion powder and lemon. Start dipping your tortilla chip and fall in love.

Out the back door is a little patio that fits my newly painted wicker furniture.

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the convent tour. After I decorate and style I’ll show you some before and afters (if your interested). It’s been fun. I’m working on what musical to theme my next set of posts after…

Honestly (and tired),  Amy

15 thoughts on “The Lonely Goatheard

  1. I love that you are remodeling an old convent! A bit envious actually.. I bet the garden is lovely, gorgeous kitchen by the way, even though the cupboards are small it looks like the space is big!! c

  2. Love the checkerboard floor. I don’t like packing, unpacking, nor moving. It is so much work – looks like you’ve made a lot of progress when looking at that stack of left over boxes – lol!

  3. You have enough cupboards that eventually you could put a dishwasher in to the right of the sink. We did not have a dishwasher in our first house where we lived for 10 years, but now that I have one, I don’t think I could ever go back.

  4. Your place is gorgeous and your God given talent shows. Thank you for sharing, very enjoyable to watch it all unfold. You are doing an extraordinary job! You sisters are creative and fun.

  5. Your new home is amazing Amy!! Wishing you, and your family, many years of happy moments and beautiful memories … : )

  6. I am related to you guys through my dad’s side – Bruce Koenig. His mom was a Cordes. I like to read your blog but can’t honestly believe that we are in anyway relatives – the two of you are amazing!! You guys wear me out just reading about all your projects and creativity. I am super-impressed and amazed. I am, however, a theatre major and can appreciate a fine musical reference ANYDAY – keep em’ coming….

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