It’ll all be over June – recap

June was a fun and celebratory blur. Most of our time was concentrated on the Family reunion and the convent remodel but a month of posts wouldn’t be complete without our musings, deep thoughts and sub par craft tutorials.

Here it is the June recap. For those of you that missed it the first time or want to enjoy left overs…

Sara's stuff

All my Hero’s are Human…my Paula Deen 2 cents

Going once, going twice… your life – It’s all just stuff

Leaving your mark-thumbprint canvas

We went whole hog for Reunion, well half hog anyway…

We are Family–our T-shirts say so!

My Reverse Bob…… Newhart

My Life of Pie

100 things to do this summer


We had a “Ball” making teacher gifts

Silhouette of Lionel Richie, a how to…

The Lonely Goatheard

One thought on “It’ll all be over June – recap

  1. It is such a wonderful recap…you have done so much…it makes me dizzy…if I weren’t with you, I wouldn’t believe you did it all…

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