the sisters’ salads’

When I was younger, I was convinced that tuna, chicken or egg salad was a vile concoction made up by old ladies to frighten children away from parties and showers…I thought it was bread abuse. Perhaps I have turned into one of those old ladies or my tastes have grown and refined…now I love ’em!

Amy and I were talking the other day about lunch…how ours is often what is left in the pan or forsaken on the paper plate. We decided we work hard for no money and should make ourselves a decent lunch at least once a week. One of our delightful and faithful followers wanted a chicken salad recipe…and the rest is sisterslice history!

I like a pure, smooth egg salad and that is for another day….

Today we are going to have Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad Sandwiches! We are going to have them on a real plate, and sit down and chew them and not eat them over the sink! Today we are taking a lunch break!


The best part of both is not the Tuna or the Chicken…it is everything else that goes along for the ride!

Tuna Salad Sara Style

1 can Albacore packed in water. (If you are a tuna snob, Italian tuna packed in Olive Oil is the bomb, but I ain’t a tuna snob!)

2 small or 1 large rib of celery (leaves too) finely, finely diced.

2 spring onions greens and whites–finely, finely diced.

10 Claussen Baby Dill pickles–finely diced.

1/3 cup Real Mayo (NOT the Whip they call a Miracle!!)

Lots of cracked black pepper

Chop, Drop, Drain Tuna, Mix, Season, Chill.

Even pretty gals dress up for a party. I like my 9 grain toasted, a few leaves of lettuce, a few thin slices of cucumber and some sprouts! Season with a pinch of salt and more pepper!

Thesisterchix Chicken Salad

6 to 8 oz Chicken. (canned, poached breast or left over rotisserie, it makes no difference–a rose by any other name type of thing.)

1 /4 cup chopped pecans

1 large or 2 small ribs of celery finely diced (leaves too!!)

1/4 cup seedless red flame or globe grapes, quartered

1/4 cup Mayo

1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard

Salt and Cracked Black Pepper

You know the drill….Chop, Drop, Drain, Mix, Season, Chill.

I like my 9 grain soft for this baby, a few leaves of romaine and I am good to go!

I like to serve this with a few crackers or chips to scoop up the dropsy’s and a bit of fruit or raw veg.

That was a good lunch and we deserved it, we had a busy morning & afternoon!



What are your Salad Secrets? Wanna share?


Sincerely, Sara

8 thoughts on “the sisters’ salads’

  1. My tuna salad is just like yours but with a squeeze of lemon juice, yum. I have never noticed tuna in olive oil, will look harder! I also make a turkey salad much like your chicken salad but add some curry powder. You might be too fancy for your own pants! 😉

  2. Can’t wait for salad season here. These look magnificent – would never have thought of adding grapes to a chicken salad. Sounds like a fab addition, and I guess a glass of white would go beautifully with it too.

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