BLT on the grill…Fail!

Yanno…I am fearless in Kitchen, I like to try everything, When I get some inspiration I search bing, google and youtube , I learn a little and try a lot….

Amy and I are talking-we need to grab a fist full of Summer! Summer taste’s like…basil, tomato, salt, sweet corn, watermelon, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and BLT’s

It all makes sense, we cook outside, no mess, no fuss…I make a tiny bed of charcoal, burn it down to gray coal and lower the tray…I want slow even heat. I lay out the bacon and get ready to rumble….


FIRE FIRE FIRE, Flare ups everywheres, Bacon starts bursting into flames and sorta melting…then the pan does too. I lose the hair on my arms…then my eyelashes,,,I am trying to battle this fire…All I want is a sammie in the end.



I wave the white flag…Amy comes to save me. Throw the carbon and start over…

We run to Hy-Vee, I preheat the oven…feeling like a loser

2 hours later..>Amy appears with a wonderful BLT…..texas toast, Mayo, baked bacon, summer sweet tomato and some iceberg!


Before we sit to eat my 4-year-old yells….”thanks for the easy dinner”…if he only knew!

Don’t give up, try, Never grill bacon, eat a BLT this summer…

Don’t try this at Home folks…I smell like a fireman and I lost 1 eyebrow

Sincerely, Sara

3 thoughts on “BLT on the grill…Fail!

  1. Loved this! I’ve singed mjy hair and an eyebrow or two before, cuts, bruises, grated finger nails, lost a contact in the stuffing, started a few bursting flames on the stove… But never tried to grill bacon…lol… And it must not have been a complete fail as your BLT looks good and i’m hungry!
    Great story by the way!

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