How the other half lives

I have learned a lot this week…about girls. You would think that I would know a wee bit about the subject since I used to be one and all….Amy has 3 girls and I have 3 boys and somehow we get along really well.

Girls Squeal! Often and loudly, like a pixie and a banshee singing.

Boys Roar! At least once a day, like an emergency release valve of overflowing testosterone.


Girls toys are silly. They all have long hair, mermaid tails, high heels and wardrobe changes.


Yes, that is a small, plastic wedding bouquet….and I thought it hurt to step on a Lego!

Boys play with rocks, bits of shoe strings, old nails and screws and Lego’s.


My ideas of trash….equals little boy treasure!

When you put them in a room together they create games like Wedding, the girls get dressed up and decorate, the boys pretend they have laser shooting eyes and watch for bad guys trying to crash the wedding. Funny to hear the boys hum “Dum Dum De Dum” while tying bubble wrap ropes.

Girls take a long time to get over things, real or imagined. Every boo-boo  must be kissed, every insult rectified.


Boys shake it off unless there is a bone sticking out or they think someone is mocking them or if they are getting their nails clipped….


yeah….it’s a toad and it’s a big one.

Girls clothes are fancy! Covered with ruffles, lace, sequins and Christmas lights.

Boys clothes are gray and should be disposable

Some things are the same no mater the gender.  Boys and Girls love to giggle and see their Mom’s act silly and get tucked in and read to at night. Kids like fireworks and slips and slides and petting zoo’s and jungle gyms.

Girls are magical and soft, full of day dreams and plans.

Boys are energetic and tough, full of hubris and adventure.

I am not trying to turn back the clock or take away the woman’s vote or anything with this post. I just think that in a world that constantly makes us all the same, it is good to enjoy the difference.

I love my boys and really can’t imagine my life any other way…Girls–like going to the big city for me, it is a fantastic place to visit, but I could never live there!

Sincerely, Sara

3 thoughts on “How the other half lives

  1. I often wonder about two sisters – so different and yet the SAME! Three of either (boy, girl, or combination of each) can make any parent want to run from the house screaming like a banshee (sometimes). So I love the way your descriptions mirror your offspring. From a mom who has an uneven ratio (my poor boy is horribly outnumbered with two older sisters) – I can tell you that even when they become young adults those traits you so eloquently describe do NOT go away.

    • Thanks for the visit! Some days at the end of a day as I fall into my chair I hang on to the hope that is gets easier….don’t burst my bubble! I learn so much trying to teach these stooges! Happy Day!

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