Versatile Sara Style

So, most of you know Amy is the stylish one. She can take a space and turn it into warm-cozy-light-breezy-modern-vintage living space.

I think she is part dreamer/shopper/artist/designer/gay man. I have always loved her vision and finished products. The best part of her decorating moxie is that if I love something and wait long enough she will tire of it and give it to me!!

I love shabby chic style in pictures and magazines. I have a friend (H) who has a store of shabby treasures–she is so gifted–I bet her Kleenex is stylish after she blows. When I try a bit of shabby chic it looks like I hung a tea-cup on a screen door and covered it with the Shroud of Turin–Not pretty.

I have another friend (K) who is driven. Someday every inch of her home will be styled and decorated, like even her junk drawer will have batteries, rubber bands and light bulb tossed in a chevron pattern. I don’t like chevron–is that wrong? Does it scream how not stylish and talented I am? I think of Sgt. Carter and filling up with gas when I see them.

My sister-in-law is a bona-fide antique dealer and has an eye for primitive pieces…We go shopping and I show her something and she smiles, swallows hard and shakes her head…She was not a fan of my bathroom decor.

I have a nature “theme” 😉

Amy urged me to blog about my home and style and I am a little shy….here goes nuttin.


When Erik and I got married, the pottery from Arizona was his…now I am glad it is half mine;) We have whitetail sheds everywhere. When in Rome.

He goes everywhere we live!

He goes everywhere we live!

My bedroom is nothing to brag about–but I love my sunny yellow quilt for summer and my Raisin Pillow makes me smile!


My mantle right now…in case you were wondering who was winning mantle wars this summer.


The kitchen is where I spend most of my days.

So there you have it. My space. I like being a homekeeper and I have to make a space these muddy booted, wall smearing, hot wheels launching men can live in.

…and look at the “fresh” flowers I get from chubby hands delivered every day…. Fresh Flowers are so important!


Stylishly, oops I mean Sincerely, Sara

5 thoughts on “Versatile Sara Style

  1. I too am surrounded by all boys and can appreciate the need for a girls space! Love the chicken collection, especially the mosaic! Lovely flowers too!

  2. even boys/men enjoy decorative rooms…especially when some of “his” stuff are displayed. I cherished looking at the two remaining items of my “stuff” that Amy kept from my bachelor days….2 matching mirrors in window frames. Its the little things…continue being sincere.

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