The Garden of Weeden

The thing about this blog is….I can really be who I want to be, not always who I am. Some days are epic fails –that I share on facebook. This blog inspires me to plate my food better, take better photos and try things I never did before. I do always try to be honest. Here is a big bowl ‘o honesty.

I made my kids give their Disney money to buy Orphans new beds and I just sent the Hubs to Haiti to take care of said Orphans, what have I done….squat. A big, steaming cup of squat!

The Church, my Church (that is hard for me to say and that is a post for another day) has a garden plot outside on the property, they grow food and give it to the homeless shelter in Dodgeville, Wisconsin. I join the Garden Club and attend the first meeting–YIKES!  The team seems like Master Gardeners and there is an Agricultural Ergominist (Dirt Specialist)  I have no ides what he is talking about. I like to plant some things in dirt–he is talking about carbon and magnesium in the soil…I have a headache when he is done. I feel overwhelmed.

Actual Photo of a Pepper in the Church Garden.

So my kids are sick on planting day and I miss a lot. I get an email that the plot needs to be weeded–I can do that. I get a sitter and mark in on the calendar.

Why then as the day approaches  I start to dread, Why? My self talk  sounds a little something like this…”They don’t need you” , “You are getting a sitter and you need time to yourself””, “You need to weed your own garden” “Leave it to people who know what they are doing”. Shame on me! I go, I get the sitter, I drop the kids off at the park. I take a deep breath–What a glorious morning!!!!

I get to the garden plot, I meet a couple of delightful gals. I quiet my mind and pull weeds. I can do this! I can’t do a lot, but I can do this! I kinda like it! I sweat a little. When my time is up I leave with mud under my nails and a spring in my step.

I can’t take credit for any of the great things these gardeners or the garden is doing. I can say that doing something you can do to make a difference–it is the best mood lifter in the world!

Weeds (25374 bytes)

Go pull some weeds, mow your neighbors grass, run to the store for a new Mom, bake some cookies, write a note or send an email. You’ll be glad you did!

Sincerely, Sara


2 thoughts on “The Garden of Weeden

  1. You do so much more but getting out of our comfort zone is a great way to grow plants and people. Love you, Sis.

  2. You want “self” I just learned on the news that the secret of long life (studies show 70% less sickness) if you garden…so get those gloves on and get pulling!!!!

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