Running out of Summer Steam

Summer is glorious

Summer is fun

I think we’ve done everything under the Sun.

We played in the sprinkler, hose and the pool

We played at the splash pad and tried to stay cool.

Retro Summer Lemonade (Vector) Royalty Free Stock Photography - Image: 2717877

We flew  on  our big wheels

We played in the rain

We pogo’d on pogo sticks

We rode on a train.

We grilled our hot dogs, burger, brats and  s’mores

We ate watermelon and ice cream

We hardly did chores

We made crafts and play doh

We tried to fly kites

We blew lots of bubbles

We crashed on our bikes.

We went to the movies

We went to the park

We saw 4th of July fire works

Chased lightning bugs in the dark

We had millions of popsicle, snow cones and floats

We went to the lake

Went bass fishing in boats

We had Family Reunions and sleepovers too

We planted a garden

We hardly ever wore a shoe

We laid on a blanket and watched the clouds roll by

We picked black caps and blackberries

We made jam and a pie

We went to the library

Visited a petting zoo

I think we are running out of summer stuff to do

Retro Summer Hand Painted Wall Letters

 We went to the Amish

We got whoopie pies

We got out the swatter

We killed lots of flies

We caught 12 frogs and 1 turtle

(a turtle that snaps)

We drove to Ft Dodge without looking at  maps

Ate garden tomatoes with cottage cheese

Mowed grass, picked wild flowers

and fought allergies

Now every word of this poem is honest and true

and Summer is half over

What should we do?

We try to stay busy

We try to keep cool

We listen to Show Tunes

We even play school

Retro Summer Images Beach

We chalked on the driveway

Tons of pictures did take

 We  drank in the summer

Endless memories to make

Sincerely, Sara


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