Goodwill Hunting

I have started shopping “second-hand” lately for a few reasons.  My shopping choices are limited here in the middle of nowhere. I have these stooges that hate shopping and the mall makes me itch. Times are tough and these boys are hard on everything. If we are gonna wear clothes that are disposable let’s not pay too much.


These are so funky

I always look for boys shoes and clothes, shirts and pants for the hubs, big shoes and clothes for me and then…off to the fun place…the housewares.

My sister and I have been digging on Pyrex lately. It is affordable, durable and everywhere–it reminds us of  our childhood. Rachel Ray, Paula, Emeril, Bobby and Martha should take notes –this stuff is timeless and cheap!


this week I will show you my kitchen finds, next week we go school shopping, and I need a fancy dress.

Laundry is my enemy–I have picked up a few things to wear and I keep a bag on the dryer. If I am tired of something or it doesn’t make me feel like a million dollars I drop it in the bag…for everything I bring in…I try to take 2 to donate.


My boys break dishes–the cost of having them empty the dishwasher and Amy has a new home and kitchen…Off to treasure hunt I go.

I look , I like the juicer and milk jug. The Pyrex catches my eye, red stripe, yes please.

I have never seen these prints. I dig deeper

Goodwill shopping always gives me flashbacks. I have actually gotten weepy at the goodwill when I find a music box like grandma had or a mug I drank from as a child.


The only problem when you shop second-hand tooo long, you get sticker shock when you see retail!


The red slash means 1/2 price! Yipee!

Cucumber Salad (In my pretty new Pyrex)

1 cup apple cider or rice wine vinegar

1/2 cup sugar

2 cups ice cubes

pinch red pepper flake

1 teaspoon Salt

1 tablespoon Black pepper

3 large or 6 small cucumbers sliced thin

1 med red onion chopped

In a small pan add vinegar and sugar bring to boil, reduce to simmer 3 minutes. Slice cucumbers and chop onion, drop into mixing bowl and add salt and spice. Pour over hot liquid and add ice cubes. Chill at least 1 hour before serving. Serve in a pretty Pyrex if you have one–or go to a resale shop and get one!1-IMGP0698

Sincerely, Sara


9 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting

  1. Thanks for sharing your collection of pyrex, you have some gorgeous pieces! My guilty pleasure if going thrifting every week. I’ve found so many vintage bowls, plates and kitchen utensils at thrift stores that are hard to find.

  2. Hello sisters! What a charming blog and this post just speaks to the eclectic me. Bravo you for doing recycling at it’s finest. re-purposing Pyrex. I have a vast collection myself started for me in my hope chest in the mid 60’s and I have been adding to it since I was 16.
    To have found some of the pieces in your photos is a real coup.
    Thank you for the follow of my blog. I have a sense I will become a regular visitor.

    Happy Good-willing ~ BB

  3. How ironic that you post this! My good friend has been encouraging me to write a weekly (?) post entitled “Dianna’s Treasure Hunt”. We love scouring the thrift shops and antique shops for goodies. A huge yellow Pyrex bowl was my mom’s “potato salad” bowl. I’m in love with enamelware, and that will probably be the subject of my first treasure hunt post!

  4. My pyrex is pink and white. My girls found two boxes full of the stuff by the side of the road! The glass lids were included and I had never seen the pink before so I am thrilled with all 13 pieces.

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