Dreamlife presents – How to train your Babysitter

A hapless middle-aged mother desperately searches for a quality babysitter she becomes the unlikely friend of the young babysitter herself and learns there may be more to the babysitter than she assumed. The story takes place in a mythical/messy parenting world where a neurotic mother named Amy aspires to follow her dreams of going shopping or to a Dr. appointment without the kids in tow...I will just take them with me to my annual or with us on our monthly date night…she thought

After finally capturing her first official babysitter (Nessa – she has all her teeth), she has a chance at finally gaining the babysitters trust and acceptance of weekend watching and keeping her kids, she finds that she no longer desires to keep searching for other sitters and instead befriends the one she has stumbled upon .969350_10201028848117361_1681564008_n

The befriending has created a closeness but a looming departure is ahead of them, Nessa is leaving for college.What will become of “date nights” who could live up to the challenge of 3 young girls. There’s the adorable, terrible 2-year-old, the dramatic and obstinate 7-year-old and the creative, dreaming 9-year-old. 1081918_10201724871746458_721642494_n

The daughter of a former daycare chief must capture a new babysitter in order to mark her passage into sanity and prove her worthiness as a good wife and resume their “date nights”. This will not be an easy task, who has the time to invest and train a new babysitter?

Nessa and Madi–they’re our first “official” non-family sitters. Madi is eager to learn, training a babysitter is difficult but it starts with first steps. You can’t just leave the kids with some strongly worded instructions on how to behave and your cell # for the sitter.


Step 1. Start with your kids.Instill in the them the babysitter is an extension of you. Respect and obey the sitter. Of course the sitter is more fun than you and she will probably play a game or tickle and spin them but when the sitter says,”go to bed” or “come inside”. It MUST be done.

Step 2. Spend some time with the new sitter at your house. Show him or her how to work all the light switches, thermostat, appliances, etc. Find out what their skill set is at cooking or preparing snacks and small meals.Show them where you keep the first aid kit, important numbers, games, extra linens, etc. You don’t want them feeling uncomfortable rifling through your cupboards and closets – make them feel at home and in charge when your out.

Step 3. While they’re in your house “training” have them care for the kids while you supervise. This isn’t uncomfortable if you have spent some time together and you communicate with your sitter that you are helping him/her get to know what your child needs or is asking for. Because believe me, sometimes even I, the mama can’t understand what my 2-year-old is asking for.



Step 4. Give lots of honest and positive feed back and most importantly… PAY THEM WELL! That ensures they will come back, put you at the top of their list and make them feel appreciated and important. Your kids are your most precious asset, aren’t they worth it?



Honestly, Amy  


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