Marscapone, Bacon and Fresh Corn Spoonbread



Do you ever run out of something and pick it up at the grocery, over and over? I do this with BBQ, Ketup and Mayo. I run out and for the next few weeks I throw some in my cart only to find when I get home I did that already. In my defence or insanity defence  I have 3 boys with me at the SuperWalmart talking, begging, falling and between saying no, answering “Mom” questions and making 4 trips to the bathroom I am lucky to come home with anything useful.

Well, this last month I ended up with 4 tubs of marscapone. There is only so much Tiramisu you can make. I am overflowing with fresh produce. Our garden and the Hubs Uncle Sam’s visits to the Amish produce auctions leave me with bushels of fruit and veg. My mission is to make magic with what I have and I am using my family as my guinea pigs at a lake picnic


This is a riff on a corn casserole that my family has every Thanksgiving. I will share that with you another day. I love bacon. I keep a package of this pre-cooked stuff on hand for a fast omelet, fancy green beans, pizza on the fly or a spinach salad in seconds. I have this marscapone I need to use (Marscapone is a terrible thing to waste). Here is what I did.

Jiffy Mix, mix according to directions, simple-1 egg and a bit of milk. Now for the good stuff, 4 oz marscapone cheese, 3 oz crumbled bacon, 1 cup fresh corn, 1 pinch cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon sugar.


Mix and pour into a well-greased, oops I mean “prepared” pan. Into a 425 oven for 15 to 20 min.

ready to bake

ready to bake

18 minutes in a 425 oven and you are ready to roll. This is good warm or room temperature. We cut it into wedges and ate with a napkin and our fingers–the joys of being at the Lake on a picnic!



I asked the family what they thought. I heard “Yum” ,”Soft and Sweet” and Everything is better with Bacon” and I have to agree.

I hope you give it a try!

What do you like to whip up in a hurry?


3 thoughts on “Marscapone, Bacon and Fresh Corn Spoonbread

  1. Ha. Glad I’m not the only one. I have 4 jars of mayo in the fridge and there is a limit to the amount of slaw and potato salad a girl can eat! Your cornbread looks fab.

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