Thread bare, I mean brow – it hurts so good

Let’s face it, we don’t pamper ourselves as much as we like or as much as we should. But when it comes to facial hair it goes from an I’d like to get my eyebrows done to,  I need to shave my face or I’m not leaving the house.

Thankfully most of us aren’t dealing with this.

frida-unibrowBut rather some variation. Every three months or so I feel I should mow my brows.

mowing-the-lawnUsually after I get them waxed I try to pluck the couple that were too stubborn to come out with the hot lava or I keep up with the few that grow hard and fast but after about 10 days I move on to other things. Until…

goatI’m driving and stop at a red light. I look in the rearview and there shining in the sunlight are a couple Billy goat hairs, And they’re not on my eyebrow… Really? I swear those weren’t there yesterday. I quick pluck em while the car behind me honks and I use my cell to make an appointment at the salon.

I’ve waxed for years. It hurts, it’s not really accurate and for that day and a few after I have hot red patches on my face where said hair has been ripped out along with a few layers of skin.


One day after a Doctors appointment in Des Moines we visit the new swanky mall on the west side so the kids can run around at the play place. I spy with my bushy eyebrowed eye a woman sitting in a chair, right there in the middle of the mall hallway and another woman standing over her holding a spool of thread with the end in her mouth doing what looks like a chicken pecking corn off of this woman’s face.


I feel a little apprehension about having something so personal done right out in the middle of the mall but I do it anyway. And I’m hooked or threaded or well, you get my what I’m saying.

Our sweet sitter Nessa needs some brow maintenance and I convince her that this is the only way to go. She asks me if it hurts and I avoid the question and then lie and say it doesn’t.


She cries a little but its for the best. Really,


She looks marvelous.


Honestly, Amy


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