Sunday Afternoon Dagwoods


Sundays are hard to manage for me sometimes. The “day of rest” seems anything but. I make a bit more than cereal for breakfast, get us scrubbed up and shiny for church, worship a bit and then…we arrive home and everyone is hungry with an agenda of their own. I have made this a few times and a few ways this summer. We take them to the Lake for a picnic, I like to make them in the morning if I am going to be outside all morning working on the yard, that way when we are all hungry and dirty, we wash up and I pull it out of the fridge and slice. We packed up a few when we went to see an Amish Barn raisin’…What? You never thought of Barn Raising as a Spectator sport? Hmm.

I am ahem, 40 something and I guess I hung out with alot of old people when I was a child. We have called “Big” sandwiches Dagwoods as long as I can remember. This is not my original idea and if you ever been to any sandwich shop you know how to make it. I just think it is a great summer meal and with all the fresh veggies overflowing in my kitchen it seems like a bright idea.


You need soft, fresh bread for this. I love to use the day-old stuff for many things–but for this you want the new stuff. $.99  for the bread this week. The grocery had Oscar Meyer Ham and Turkey on sale. Last week we had one with Salami, Pepperoni and roasted red peppers with Parmesan cheese. This week is a bit more traditional. I cut my bread in a “V” shape–I find it holds the fillin’s just fine.


Thinly slicing all of your ingredients are really the secret. I have a cheap slicer — It works just fine. I send the boys to the garden to collect a tomato or two, a cucumber and an onion. I have iceberg in the fridge. I keep the bag the bread comes it–the sammy fits in there like a glove and makes travel with this a snap.

I light coat of mayo and dijon. Meat, cheese…you know the drill. I used Sargento thin sliced cheddar and provolone. I liked it! Lots of flavor and fewer calories+more cheese = yum!


Then the goodies. My middle son is a purest, only meat,cheese and lettuce. He always get the end piece. The rest of us go for cucumber, a bit of onion, sweet tomato, pickle and lettuce–nothing crazy. Next week I might make the hubs and I roast beef with gorganzola tho…thinkin’about it.

1-IMGP0814You are just about ready to feast. This two-handed sandwich is good chilled in the fridge for 6 to 8 hours. If I am using tuna or chicken salad I put the veggies down and scoop the salads on at the last-minute.


I made this in the morning while I was cleaning up breakfast, It was nice when it was time to slop the hogs to have it ready!

1-IMGP0824That is a perfect Sunday Summer Lunch I think. Easy clean up, easy use up for my produce and fun for everyone.  The best part is that it left me a little time for a….


We had Door County Cherries for dessert this time, but as I was writing this I started thinking that Blondies would be better!


If you have no idea what I am talking about, ask your Grandpa or Google it on your smart phone while you are in line at Subway.

Sincerely, Sara

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