July flew by

July was the convent reveal, finally and all about summer fun. We had recipes coming out of our ying yangs and as usual deep thoughts and some pain.

Here you go – in case you missed it the first time… July recap!

Running out of Summer Steam

Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 2

Bless my Home (land) forever – Part 3

The Lonely Goatheard

I beg your pardon, you never promised me a rose garden but you did say you’d help me with my flower bed

the sisters’ salads’

BLT on the grill…Fail!

How the other half lives

chipped teeth on toast

If you fall I will catch you, time after time.

Sweet&Savory Sausage Saute


Thread bare, I mean brow – it hurts so good

Pad Thai for the Pastor

Her own worst enemy

Summer Tomato Basil Tart

Dreamlife presents – How to train your Babysitter

No Heartbeat

Marscapone, Bacon and Fresh Corn Spoonbread

Here’s to August – Enjoy!

Sincerely Sara & Honestly Amy

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