Dinner and Dessert to Dye for

When our oldest was 3 we sent her to preschool, confidant that she was a genius. When she got there we soon realized that she was right on track with all the other 3 year olds. The first week there she met a cute little red-headed girl and they became fast friends. Since we moved almost 2 years ago we have had the little red-haired girl and her sister (also a ginger) over for a week in the summer. We call it “Camp Seward” and we do all kinds of fun things..


This day we made rainbow shoes, homemade donuts and grilled steaks served with the most delicious sides bought from a farmer at a road-side stand.




Everything we made and ate was relatively inexpensive.

We got end of summer, clearance canvas tennis shoes at Wally World for $5.96 each. I had some left over tie dye from last years t-shirt extravaganza but I bought the smaller tie dye kit for $12 something. The cost of creativity is $0.00 and clean up is worth the mess.

IMG_6702-001 IMG_6698-001 IMG_6691

The middle child kind of marches to the beat of her own high tempo drum and subscribes to the “more is better” way of life and her shoes turned black – wonder why?

Let’ em dry over night in a plastic sack. You can use Windex to wipe off any dye that may have gotten on the bottom edge of the shoe. I’m wearing mine with the laces out of them but we also dyed the laces in case someone attempts to learn how to tie their own shoe….

Dinner – Thin cut Ribeyes and NY stripes seasoned and grilled

French bread, buttered and seasoned with parmesan, garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Grill it face side down. You’ll get a crispy, smokey inside and a chewy easy to tear apart outside.

The veg is incredible today – Tomatoes the size of a small melon, Iowa sweet corn that melts in your mouth and doesn’t even need butter, cucumber and peaches.

Compare the tom I “grew” and the one a real farmer and God created.

IMG_6707-001I love to over salt and go to town. I can already feel the canker sore setting in.

IMG_6719-001And last but not least – Dessert

We put the fry daddy jr on the back patio because I hate the way my pillow case smells after you use the thing in the house.

Toss’ em while they’re hot in cinnamon sugar or powdered and enjoy!

IMG_6662-001I hope you are packing as much fun into summer as we are. And yes, we all fell into bed at 8pm…

Honestly, Amy


6 thoughts on “Dinner and Dessert to Dye for

  1. You’re making me cry again over my missed Iowa tomatoes and peaches-and-cream corn. You are blessed to be sure!

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