You are the bubbles to my bath – FREE Printable

I started decorating the girls bathroom and knew what I wanted. I took inspiration from and painted the walls a deep navy all because I had a brass light fixture…. The girls think it’s gold and I’m not about to squelch their colorful imagination.

This bathroom is in the lower level and has literally gone from Gross to Girl in a few easy steps.

I’d like to show you the before but those photos are on a laptop that crashed, so I’m waiting on a computer guy to burn me a CD of all the photos he can find on the useless thing.

Anyhoo. I’m just getting started and I saw on Etsy a printable that I sorta liked for around $40 (just for the download). Really? I can make one on my iphone — right?

Back to the bath.


Got the mirrors on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I’m accenting with magenta and hot pink.

A few decorations and a picture of the last little girl I lived with before I had my own.


A decorative bath mat with the little suction cups to help a certain someone avoid breaking her falls with her front teeth.  

IMG_6376I used free apps on my phone – Rhonna Designs and a Beautiful Mess to create a little print for the wall.

I had it printed off at Walmart for $9. It’s not perfect but it’s free and I kind of like it. You can have it to, you may or may not want it. I’m like the kid that wants you to put my artwork on the fridge after I come home with it from school.

Honestly, Amy

PS it says “You are the bubbles to my bath”, not tomy bath…


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