My Boys, Butcher Knives, a Bat and a blog…

So, last night my death-like exhausted slumber was interrupted by my boys shreaking at 3 am. “Mom, Mom, there is a bird in the house!” I stumble out of bed and tell the boys to close all the bedroom doors. I get the baby back to sleep and come out–Every light in the house is on. My 4-year-old is sleepwalking into the wall and my 7 year-old both wielding my kitchen knives, hunting the bird.  I calmly and loudly take the knives and tell them I know I didn’t tell them to go get butcher knives and go hunting. I order the boys to the couch and I scan every inch in every room. I find nothing. I figure Noah had a dream and had to wake Jonah and cause a riot. They get back to sleep a bit after 4am. Baby wakes at 5:30…grrrrr.

I wake and get started on my day. I call my Mom and Sister for sympathy–nobody knows what I am up against around here! I gather laundry, sweep, wipe and head into the pit aka the boy’s room and I see it…on the window…!


Yeah, that’s right. A bird named BAT! I tip-toe into the room and shut the window trapping the flying mouse between the screen and window and I call the Hubs. Come to find out bat exposure is serious around here and nobody survives Rabies so I have to make some calls. Doctor, Health Department and Vet. If we catch it alive and not crush his skull we can test it. If we do not–about 4 shots for each of us…this morning just can’t get any better!


The hubs arrives home after a 12 hour night shift in the ER, dons his leather work gloves, gathers a ziplock container and my kitchen tongs and Bat-Catchin’ Theater begins!

Before he starts I ask the Hubs why this stuff happens to us…He smiles and says, “So you can blog about it”–hmm maybe, but crazy stuff happened here long before thesisterslice!

Victory! Now for the low, low price of $50.00 I take it to the vet and we wait for results. I dress the bumpkins and on the way to Dodgeville the boys decide this is Mavis (Hotel Transylvania). They ask me if they are going to sew her brain up and let her go after the test…I answer yes.


So there you have just a slice of the quiet, peaceful, slow-paced country life out here. I call my Mom to tell her the rest of the story and she say’s, “Poor Noah, standing in the gap, protecting his family.” Yeah, Thanks Mom–Poor Noah! I am off now to sanitize and de-guano the boy’s room. I guess I will have coffee and breakfast some other day.

Sincerely, Sara aka BatGirlimages (8)

8 thoughts on “My Boys, Butcher Knives, a Bat and a blog…

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